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  1. Am sure if you search these forums you should be able to find an old thread which had a website selling the Aquagate liquid
  2. Have any of you guys seen this yet? Stumbled across it while searching It looks like the Hyper 6+ but with a really weird looking plastic shell on it
  3. I'll let you know at the completion of the mod, and if I have one left over, we'll figure out how to get it across the pond to you, ok? OK no problem
  4. Nice mod so far. Let me know if your gonna keep those 3 1/2" bay covers as I've lost one of mine from my Centurion 1 and am willing to pay for one lol and I emailed CM europe donkeys ago and heard nowt back about it
  5. Even if its US only I'd enter and be willing to front the cash to get it posted to me lol as that 710 is just pure class. Would look really nice as a webserver
  6. Gah I bet if there was a contest it would be US only aswell :<
  7. Hot damn! Thast came out amazing. All I can say is the time and effort put into this has paid off ten fold. If you ever went into business doing this for a living I'd gladly pay for your services to mod my case
  8. Am working five eight hour shifts a week then I need to add the 2 hour travel time on top. Barely got enough time to finish my HTPC :/ but I'll get it finished lol
  9. Damn that mod is coming on sweetly. I've virtually given up on mine. Just not got the time due to work
  10. Knocked it down to 2655Mhz at 1.55v seems a lot stabler so Prime95 is now running
  11. Well that was good even before walking away from the PC it locked up :/
  12. Am at 2677Mhz now at 1.50v on the core gonna leave it runnign Prime95 while am out down the garden centre doing some shopping hopefully it stays stable enough I can keep it here
  13. I had a check in the BIOS aswell as seeing how far I could get my CPU on 1.45v and the 12v+ is sitting at 12.30v+ and I could only get to 2.5Ghz on the 1.45v setting
  14. Why would mine be running that low and is there any other way of checking out what its running at?