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  2. Hi! I conected them like a week ago and they haven't answer me yet.
  3. News about this! After taking my cooler to the store where I bought it, they review it and we find out that the pump was not making contact with the CPU. So we installed withouth the plastic little tubes that go under the screws so now it make good contact and everything is working good with low temps. Now my question is, is there a problem if we install that withouth those plastic tubes?
  4. Hi! So I have built a new pc with the following: - Intel i7 6700 - Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 Motherboard - Nvidia Geforce GTX1070 - Corsair 750watt power supply - Nzxt s340 case - Nepton 280L Cooling After installing all of this and configuring the PC I find out, first, that one of the Fans of the 280L was not working, i needed to move it with my finger so it could work. I reaset it and move it but the problem was still there. I bought another fan and replaced that one. Then I checked the temperature with CoreTemp, RealTemp and the System Information viewer that comes with the motherboard and the temps were between 40°C and 60°C on iddle. When I try Prime95 the temps go to 100°C in few seconds. The pump is connected to the CPU OPT and should be running at high speed. While the fans are connected to the CPU Fan. When I touch the pump i just feel a small vibration but I don't hear any noise from the Pump. So I connected the stock fan that comes with the processor and now the temp is 18°C on iddle and 70°C with prime95. So even with the small stock fan the temps are way lower. So, do you think the pump is broken or something? Thanks you! PS My english is not the best..