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  1. Hey, The 04 memories installed are DDR4 Predator HyperX. As I said in the last reply, my question if there's enough space to install the Maker 8. Look at the pictures attached. What do you think about the space? Its enough?
  2. Hey man, In the first moment, sorry for my too bad english. The huge problem are the FOUR DDR4 predator HyperX gaming memories installed on the motherboard, two of each side between the processador socket :/ My question if these DDR4 gaming memories will ensure space for the two besides coolers of the Maker 8 worked? My hope is about the Coolers of the Maker 8 can be adjustment to top. Correct? Do you got it my question now? If not, let me shared the picture of the computer inside. Thanks so much for the reply! Sincery, Lucas.
  3. Hey guys, I have an important question: I bought the CPU Air Cooler Maker 8 today by internet so for sure that it dont arrived at home yet. However, I m so excited and worried if there will be enough space to get install this CPU Air Cooler in my motherboard and Mid Tower?? Bellow the specifications: CoolerMaster Mid Tower HAF 912 (1 rear cooler, 2 front, 1 side and 2 up) Gigabyte UD-3 X99 chipset I75820k Quad-channel (4x4Gb) HyperX 970 GTX Gigabyte G1 Gaming 850 Watts Corsair Ps: Sorry for my little english! Thanks so much for cooperation and patience. Sincerely, Lucas Assad Rezende.