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    fan filters

    I had started another thread on this topic and was thinking about using something like what you guys are talking about or the standard filters which you buy, but I like this idea better. I think I am going to use pantyhose instead of the fabric softener sheets. Also not having to open the bottom door to clean is a plus! Agent
  2. Agent

    Cavalier 1

    I was looking at the Cavalier 1 case and was wondering where is the main intake hole/slit? Example the Wave Master case has the area that is covered by the little shield and the stacker has the mesh front, but the front of the Cavalier 1 case seems to have no visible slots/slits/holes for the 80cm fan. Thanks, agent
  3. Agent

    Filters for wavemaster

    Thanks for the feedback every one. Agent
  4. Agent

    Filters for wavemaster

    I was looking at some filters and I was hoping for some opinions on this type. Can they be placed on the front of the fans that are used in the wave master case? (enough room etc) Agent
  5. Agent

    Filters for wavemaster

    I did a search and noticed some threads on the subject of filters on the wave master case to protect the insides from dust, has any one come up with an easy solution? In one post a person mentions "It looks like there is a mounting for an air filter on the front" ... ht=filters But in this post which has a lot more information ... ht=filters Many ideas were given, so has any one attempted this? and happen to have pictures? Agent