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  1. I am beginning to think that I might be better with water cooling given that they typically have a much smaller piece attached to the CMU. what would be a good inexpensive unit with similar performant to the 212?
  2. I am not sure i understand how this product is used. Does it mount perminantly inside of the case? The case is secured so that it cannot move or tip. My main concern is that it is a chunk of metal that is cantilevered of the face of the motherboard from a fairly small base and bouncing will cause the motherboard to bend and possibly crack.
  3. I am building a computer for use in my motorhome. I will use an ASUS Z170-P D3 ATX motherboard on an I7-6700K CPU. I plan to use an EVO 212 for the cooler but was wondering if the weight of the cooler hanging horizontally off the motherboard as I bounce down the road on all of the nice, smooth roads would cause shock loads to the motherboard and damage it. Note that the computer will always be shut down before travel.