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  1. Hi everyone! I'm building a new computer from scrap and a friend is asking that I send him a DXF file of the measurements of what I need cut out. I've been using my hands and tools for measuring and never used software but I am willing to learn. Now my question is, is there a free software to do this or is it something I need to buy? and is it complicated? Thanks in advance to all you great members cheers
  2. This is great! Loved your build on CM. Great stuff and it gave me so many ideas!
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for joining me here today on the community forums! I am starting an upgrade to my current build. My first step if finding a case that has some customization tools. I'm looking at the Cooler Master Pro 5! Reasons you may ask? 1) Modular, remove DVD/CD /HDD drives for a more roomy fit 2) Airflow / amount of space in the case 3) MNPCTech Racer build found on Bill Owen's site. 4) Liquid cooling mount I'm going for a "Diablo" Theme build. I used to play Diablo 2 and if I could go back to those days oh jolly Christmas i'd be in paradise. In regards to Bill's racer build, I loved all the custom things he was able to do. 360 RAD in front, the ignition switch / valve on the front i/o shield, and the AMAZING colours of the case! Is there a specific "grit" that should be noted for sanding down? I have the primer / paint all set up and good to go. But I'm afraid of sanding TOO much. Suggestions? THANKS IN ADVANCE!! Best community ever. I love you guys.
  4. Love how its coming out so far! I'm planning on buying this case for a mod as well.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm checking into a Cool Master Pro 5 case which looks great for Modding. I follow MNPCTech and they are doing a custom mod on this fine case with water cool. The only thing is I see a lot of reviews saying they dont fit a 280MM radiator, just 240. Can someone confirm that? Also I saw Bill add a 360 radiator to the front which was a neat idea CHEERS!!