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  1. Hi there,


    I basically got the same problem and also tried to open it up but without succed. Do you mind telling me how to open it aswell?




    Hi Aron,


    Yeah sure!



    As you can see in this picture there are six screws, just cut a tiny hole with a knife in those places to reach the screws. To get to the two screws under the rubber part, you can just fold them a little from both sides. Onces you have it opened you can put a little vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the thing that holds the mousewheel, turn the mousewheel a few times so you know it stopped squeeking and then remove the unnecessery vaseline.

    Then screw it back together!


    Hope this helped!


    Kind regards,


  2. You can open it, but it will void the warranty. Use a little drop of lube. :)


    Kind regards,


    Aangezien jij ook nederlands bent ga ik in het nederlands verder.

    Bedankt voor je antwoord, maar ik weet alleen niet hoe je de muis moet openmaken want aan de onderkant zitten namelijk geen schroefjes.



  3. Hello everyone,


    I recently got the cm storm octane gaming gear combo.

    After 2 days the mousewheel started squeaking, I find this very annoying :(

    I can not find a way to open the mouse, so can anyone help me to fix this?