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  1. Thank you so much for the reply! I ended up going back to the store where I bought it from and they did an exchange with a new keyboard.
  2. Hi! First time posting on the forum and I hope I picked the right place to put this. I received my MasterKeys Pro L last Friday and have been loving it so far. However, I've noticed that when the keyboard is set to a LED profile like "Cross" or a profile with the LEDS off as its default not all the keys are unlit. The keys "F7" "U" "J" "N" "M", as well as the "P3" and "6" on the number pad have a faint red glow underneath. When my PC is turned off and no power is given to the keyboard everything is unlit as it should be. However, once power is given I can see that the faint red light comes on for profiles that have the keyboard "black" as its base form. Even when other profiles are in use like "Breathe" I can still see a faint red glow even though it doesn't intrude on the colour selected as far as my eye can tell. I was wondering if anyone here can tell me why that might be and if there's a fix for it? Thank you in advance! P.S.: Please let me know if I should post this someplace else, as well as if anyone can tell me how to attach pictures on post. I took some pics of my issue but couldn't find a way to attach them when making this post.