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  1. Thanks for the reply I will be looking into replacing it.
  2. Hi there, I have been using the CM Sentinel Advance II for a few years now and started having a very strange issue with this year. The mouse cursor would freeze during game play and in windows itself at random times for about 3 seconds and then carry on normally. The easiest way to replicate the problem is to move the mouse quickly from side to side and then the mouse cursor gets stuck at random intervals. The strange thing is that when the cursor "freezes" and you leave the mouse stationary, as soon as the response comes back to the mouse the cursor moves about 1" in the last direction it was supposed to go before it got stuck. The mouse does not disconnect or lose connection, neither does it turn off. I have tried searching for answers on the web and I have tried a bunch of things as listed below but to no avail: - Disabled/Uninstalled Realtek Audio Manager - Uninstalled the Windows 10 Gamebar - Updated all drivers of my system. - Did 4 fresh installs of Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit - Tried other USB ports both on the back and on the front panel - No CPU spikes or event logs I tried using my previous mouse and a friend's mouse (Microsoft and Logitech) and they work just fine with no mouse freeze on my system. I tried my mouse at work and on other Windows 10 64-bit systems and the mouse works fine there as well. I am running firmware 2.1.3 on the mouse. Also the problem seems worse if the USB polling rate is high. Its currently on 100Hz which is the lowest setting I can choose. Its better but the problem still occurs. Now if it's the mouse I am worried that if I upgrade to the Sentinel 3 I would face the same problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.