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  1. OK thanks. It came with the 212x from coolmaster so I presume only the best
  2. Friction is defiantly there, it does not actually pull off the CPU, it just slides over it, but even then it is still fairly firm and needs a fair bit of pressure to move it left or right. Thanks for the feedback. I will monitor temps and give feedback. Hopefully it is ok to put this on 1 week before firing up my computer? Thinking of thermal paste. I presume once i fire it up the thermal paste might make it stick a touch more too. Waiting on my power supply before that can happen.
  3. Hello and Thanks for the reply, yes I watched every video on Hyper Evo or Hyper X installation and I spent a long time making sure I did not skip anything. But I did manage to tighten the back plate screws a touch without being to aggressive and it improved things a touch. The twist angle has been reduced and almost looks ok. I filmed it on a samsung galaxy and they it on youtube so you could comment. I also took some close up pictures of the underside so you could see the pins etc, Here is the video, do you think this level of twisting is fine? Pictures:
  4. Hello, I have just finished my build and I gently bumped my Hyper 212x cooler and it easily twisted. So i gently grabbed it and I noticed I could twist it to the left and to the right and even slightly slide it to the left/right. I have attached it to an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard with an LGA 1151 socket and i5 6600K cpu. I followed the instructions and made sure thermal paste was only pea sized. I made sure the "X" universal bracket that goes into the cooler was correctly oriented and then the centre pin in the hole and the other protruding pin on the edge. I gently screwed each screw with a long philips head screw driver into the "longer" mounts. I also had set the screws into the "middle" position for the LGA1151 socket. I slightly tightened each screw, tightening one and then jumping over to the opposing diagonal side and eventually screwing everything nice and tight. Still it moves, probably a good 20-30 degrees I guess (maybe an exaggeration), I cannot shift it up or down and it seems to revolve/slide around the centre pin. I have read plenty of posts where people are suggesting this is fine and even my local PC shop suggests it is fine and just align it over cpu and check temperatures. Sounds kind of dodgy to me? Some people online however say theirs does not slip and I must be doing something wrong. So I would rather get it from Coolmaster themselves if this is normal or not. Also I searched the entire web and it seems to be something a LOT of people are asking about yet no official mention of it, nothing in the manual and no videos. Please Coolmaster if this is normal can you post a video on youtube to show how much exactly the cooler can move, by twisting it. Or if that is too much work how about a diagram and explanation. I wasted so much time on my build trying to correct this and this constant adjustment is bound to cause some people to break something. Thanks in advance for the reply.