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  1. Sorry to revive this thread but i think the pump has finally died now. It restarts every 20 or so power cycle and the noise is horrible. Same thing when connected straight to psu. I opened an official ticket, i will let you all know. (
  2. Yes, sysfan1 on a msi gaming 7. b4 it was on cpufan1 or 2. But for 1year and 7 months never a hiccup. The pumps rpm range is exactly the same whether on cpufan1 or 2 or sysfan 6958-6994, sometimes on restart it gets to 7004. Rpms are fine. It does have a gurgling sound (air bubbles). 5 days on power off and on and the pump is working fine ( b4 i was powering off and on every 1 or weeks). Fans always saved my butt on those unpleasant moments . I'll come back if anything goes wrong again .
  3. I never changed the fans, what i changed was where the connectors were plugged in. As of 3 days the pump has started with no problem with every computer restart, so i have to keep it till it fails again i guess.
  4. thx for answering, the rad is clean, the fans also. Tomorrow i'll switch the pump on chassis 1 or sys 1 instead of cpu 1 or 2 where it has been. on the mobo with the 4 pin connector provided, on cpu1, the fans on the Y connector, then on cpu2. All for 1+ yeah and no problem, 4690k on 4.6, 4.4 now on summer, Tamb of 32, 37 38 37 38 idle. After 4h of arma 3 66,68,64,65. When it works it's a beast, thing is last night i turned off the pc and this morning on restart it did it again, 0 rpm on pump with temps of 75 on all cores on idle, fans to take off position, a few restarts and the pump started again. I'll move the pin on a chassis or system pin header on the mobo as last. I very doubt it's my mobo or power supply, msi gaming 7, old but good tx650. hd6950@70 as video card, 1 ssd 256gb 840pro, i hd 500gb wd blue. 6958-6994, those are the pump rpms when it works, always to the max of course.
  5. Basically about a month ago for the first time at a power on the pump didn't start running, fans went 100% with cpu hitting 95c in idle. I quickly turned the pc off, waited 2 mins , restarted and it worked as it should. I usally leave the pc on, always, so 2 weeks ago when i powered it off, it did it again on restart, no pump, a few power off and power on fixed it again. Yesterday happened again and i couldn't revive it after many on off of the pc. Then i switched the pump and fans connectors and on restart the pump is working again. I'm afraid to turn off my pc and that the pump won't start again.