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  1. Hello, I have a Cooler Master Nepton 240m with two corsair AF120 fans. The Nepton is cooling my i5 6600k that is currently overclocked at 4.6GHZ. I originally purchased the Nepton for my FX 8350 and then after switching to Intel i changed over the bracket to the Intel one. My case (h440) hasn't changed either. When i stressed the FX chip i only used to ever get around 80C using Prime 95. Now when i stress the i5 (depending on my room temps) it can range from 90-97C which is worrying. I underclocked it down to 4.4GHZ and this seemed to help slightly as i got temps of around 80-85C using Prime 95. My idle temps seem okay, for both clock speeds they are 28-31C depending on how long the PC has been on. 


    Currently my cooler is mounted so the cooler master logo is the correct way, yet ive seen images of people mounting it sideways, like so;



    Here are some pictures of my temps;



    and when i underclocked it;



    Can someone please help me figure out why my temps get so high?

    Thanks, Rob