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  1. i got same problem, i dont get answer. In shop says: "The selected product combination is currently unavailable". And in shop chat said me to ask RMA support in case they have one of them. In RMA support chat said me this morning: "let me to see if we have a piece and we answer in ticket" and im still waiting. I dont know if they forgot me or they have no more pieces. Now, i think in posibility to buy this piece to any user that bought it, and to buy a used piece (in spain its said second hand ítem). I like very much this mouse, it gives me a perfect running, and i bought it thinking to get a mouse to be used years and years (last optical high performance mouse runned very well 11 years) and this mouse looks like it could run perfect this time, but now the cover of this plate piece is losing its color... and mouse runs well... but its so ugly now... arg!!