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  1. Karma Ghost

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    That is a really pretty case. I'm glad that the ATCS line is back! Maybe now I can part with my ATC-111 which I bought 2 years ago and still haven't used...
  2. Karma Ghost

    HAF 932 Official Thread

    That's an awesome case..! I want to get my hands on one!
  3. Karma Ghost

    Mini Stacker???

    Looks interesting. I like it!
  4. Karma Ghost

    Fan Up or Down?

    I didn't realize it had an air chamber design... oops! Just go with whichever has more clearance then.
  5. Karma Ghost

    Fan Up or Down?

    I would say mount it upward. That way it has more chance to suck in air.
  6. Karma Ghost

    My Cosmos Review

    These pictures are too revealing; that case is wearing absolutely nothing. What would her parents think!? ...kidding! Thanks for the review.
  7. Karma Ghost

    centurion 534 front panel

    If it is anything like most current CM cases, there are a few little plastic hooks that keep it in place. Open the case and look all the way up front. There should be three plastic tabs that move and then the front panels with come off.
  8. Karma Ghost

    50th Anniversary Stacker

  9. Karma Ghost

    Buying a Mystique 631

    SVC is a reliable site, as I understand it. If you ever have any question about how reliable a site is, check out Reseller Ratings (link). If they aren't on here, I usually stay away, but it is mostly for computer companies. Here is SVC's rating: Link
  10. Karma Ghost

    PC turn on in the shop but not at home

    Have you tried it on a different surge protector and/or a different outlet at home?
  11. It looks to me as if that would be plenty to power all your stuff. If you have a spare power supply I would test the system using that, or find some way to test your other parts (like motherboard, RAM, etc to make sure nothing there got fried). Otherwise, check out the RMA policy for your reseller or contact Coolermaster about a replacement. Good luck and keep us updated!
  12. Can you provide the full specifications of the computer you are trying to power? That makes it easier to determine if the 550w is enough for your computer.
  13. Karma Ghost

    Which Centurion to choose?

    Hey, welcome to the forums! All of the cases mentioned sound like they would suit your needs pretty well. Let me give you my opinion on the matter: My friend owns a Centurion 5. It is a very classy looking case, and if you like the look of tight mesh on the front it is very good. But if you are interested in airflow, the 5 has an 80mm in the front and a 120mm in the back. Not the best when you compare it to other cases. But it is a very nice looking case and very reasonably priced; I would definitely keep it on my list. The 532, 534, and Ammo 533 are all of pretty much the same internal body plan. They have dual 120mm fans (front and back), so really it depends on what your preference is in terms of front bezel style. I personally prefer the way the 534 looks because I am more fond of a solid front as opposed to mesh. To each his own, though. But of course I can suggest other things, too, right? Firstly, take a look at the new RC-330. Link to CM product page It has the same basic body type as the 532, only it is a bit less expensive. I think it might be up your alley. And lastly, I have a micro-ATX one to suggest. The RC-541. Link to CM product page It is pretty good looking, if you like the mesh look, and the cooling capabilities are comparable to a full ATX size case: 2x 80mm and 1x 120mm. This would probably be good if you are interested in saving some space. All are worth a look. Good luck and keep us updated!
  14. Karma Ghost

    'CM Stacker 830 NVIDIA Edition is bred to your face'

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I love it.
  15. Karma Ghost

    Rear I/O panel in Centurion 532

    Sometimes those things can be stuck in there pretty well. Since I almost never need a default I/O panel, I usually just take the blunt end of a screwdriver and hit it. Usually when I do this (since I'm in a hurry sometimes) I end up damaging the default panel a little bit. I imagine if you were to take some time you could poke it out more gently, but I would say just give it some taps with a blunt object until it pops out. And in this way you could avoid damaging it. For reference, make sure you're hitting it from the outside of the case, not the inside. Installing the new one is pretty much doing the reverse of uninstalling the old one. Place the new I/O panel inside the case and push it in. Make sure you install it with the ports in the right place, though. Good luck.