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  1. I'm on the brink of RMA'ing my PSU because it has a faulty bearing, but topics like this aren't very promising... I actually loved the V-Series replace service idea, but it kind of figures that it would be slow or badly managed, since most companies will have you send it to them and repay you for the transportation costs after the RMA, which seems to make a lot more sense now. That way they can handle it quickly and don't have to cut corners because of losing money to products that didn't actually need an RMA. Maybe instead of this service I'll just try the reseller, I bet you they'll respond quick enough, they know how important return costumers are...
  2. Stysner

    V750 Noise

    Hi all! Last october I built myself a new PC with a V750, and it's been running flawlessly. Yet, last week, something started to make a rattling / grinding noise. After some investigation I narrowed it down to my PSU. I have it mounted at the bottom, fan-side down, as it's supposed to be (Fractal Design S). If I tilt the case, the noise gets a little bit louder, until a certain point, and at a certain angle the sound stops. I tried looking inside the PSU with a flashlight (through the ventilation holes and the fan grill), no wire seems to touch it, and it also doesn't seem to grind against the casing. I tried mounting it fan-side up, and it's completely silent again (checked it; fan running). So I'm pretty sure it's a faulty bearing. Although mounting it fan-side up does kinda solve the problem, it's now taking in air almost directly from the graphics card, which isn't optimal. I don't know what the dangerous temps are for a PSU, and I don't want to find out. It's probably fine, but the cable routing is worse now, and I'm not too happy about the PSU drawing in hot air. So, after some browsing, I found out about the glorious V-Series Replace service, and I was wondering if this is a valid reason for an RMA? I've put a lot of attention (and money) towards a silent PC, and having the fan running louder than it needs to (mounted the wrong way around) or having that annoying grinding sound (mounting it the right way) isn't why I spent a little more on a good PSU... Thank you in advance for answering! Also, ask away if you want to know anything else.