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  1. Ok I solved the problem and now software detects my keyboard. Go to Properties and exec as admin. Still the CM Portal is buggy since CM Store and some options of Setting doesn't work.
  2. Hello, I just received today my CM Masterkeys pro S. Downloaded Installed and updated firmware to 2.2.0. Everything was working fine with the software... i could do everything just fine. But then i closed and tried to open it again and an error came saying "Plug in your CM Keyboard device to get started". Wondering what was going on.. I restarted... same problem again. Uninstalled, restarted my laptop and installed masterkey pro S version 0.049 again and keyboard was detected, everything was fine again. But then i closed the program and tried to open again.. and I got the same problem saying "Plug in your CM Keyboard device to get started". I also noticed in the software Cooler Master Portal that when i click in Settings -> Register or Go to website nothing works.. same with CM Store.. So I tried to use the keyboard on my gf's laptop.. installed etc and everything is just fine.. i also can click on the menus that directs me to the website etc.. I guess there is a bug in my pc ?? i just don't know whats going on.. i ran anti spyware and antivirus everything is fine.