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  1. Thanks, but I determined that the LED /USB panel on my case was defective. CM replaced it for me.
  2. I'm new to using a CMStorm keyboard/mouse and am trying to find out how I can have the LEDs on my Devastator keyboard light automatically when the PC is started or woken up. Right now I have to light the keyboard LEDs using Shift-ScrLock. When the PC sleeps (Windows 10), the keyboard LEDs go out. The LEDs on my Devastator mouse seem to stay on at all times, including when the PC sleeps. I'd like both (Keyboard/mouse) to light automatically when the PC is started or woken and go out when it sleeps. Possible? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. After dismantling the front panel, I have determined that the Maker 5 does not have a separate HDD activity LED. Instead, the power button LED flashes when there is HDD activity. In other words, the power LED on the front panel is dual-purpose - power and HDD.
  4. I did find the problem with power to the front panel LEDs on my Maker 5 case. The 4-pin connector which provides power to the front panel was wired incorrectly. It was using the 5v pin instead of the 12v pin of the standard 4-pin peripheral power connector. Once this was fixed, I have all 4 USB ports, the fan control and the LED control all lighted. The remaining problem I have is with the HDD activity LED. I can't see where this LED is on the front panel. To verify that the HDD activity signal was working from my MB, I connected the the PWR LED leads from the panel to the HDD LED pins on the MB. Now my front panel power button LED flashes when the HDD is active. The question is: Where is the HDD activity LED on the front panel? The other unanswered question from my original post: How does the fan speed L/H switch on the panel work with the LED/fan control box? I assumed the control box changes fan speed automatically based on temp? Perhaps not. Does anyone know where I can find some documentation on the LED/fan control box? Thanks
  5. The HDD activity LED on my front panel is not working. All other buttons and LEDs are working. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions or do I need to replace the front panel? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. I've just completed a new build with a Maker 5 case and am having a few issues with the front panel. I also have a question about fan control. The only LEDs that are lit are power and fan (I assume the "gear" shaped LED on the left end is power). The HDD activity LED jumper is plugged into the MB, but the LED does not light during activity. None of the USB port LEDs are lit, although the ports are working. What can you suggest as a possible problem with the LEDs? I am using the LED/fan control unit that came with the Maker 5. It works, but I'm not sure how this interacts with the L/H fan speed button on the front panel. Is there any doc on this LED/fan control unit? This is a great case. Id just like to get these few issues sorted out. Thanks for any assistance,
  7. I just installed an EVO 212 CPU cooler with an 1151 CPU. Despite ensuring that all mounting screws are secure and the "X" bracket is properly seated in the indentation and pin on the heat sink, the cooler is still somewhat loose. The entire unit can rotate several degrees in either direction relative to the CPU. Is this to be expected or have I missed something in doing the install?