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  1. This is what happens when you join all these mini mods. I hope you enjoy the final result
  2. my final mini mod is a keyboard and mouse
  3. mod my monitor to create a full mod setup
  4. To control the lighting of the tower I will use the arduino with the relay board. In lighting I will use normal leds and rgb leds then I will create a software to control all these points I will probably see if I have time until the end of the project to put a bluetooth to be able to carry out this control via smartphone this is my rgb control board i control a single rgb and a 12v rgb stripes and a cooler master rgb 120 fan i pick this control led and modify i remove de resistencis to create a point to control a individual led with a relay board this is a new part to control a led board use old tv vacum tubes open holes in vacum tubes to put rgb led and create efect to work test1 test2 Rgb leds
  5. Installation of water cooling system cover for the tank
  6. fan mod for water cooling rad see my tutorial in video
  7. side painel b simple mod i create this image for side painel and i will use 3d print partes and aquarium decoration
  8. new window i well bending acrilic cristal to create my new window is not very perfect but good for bending in home
  9. work the front case i use 3d parts and metal parts
  10. Personalization psu cover, I will paint in white to be masi synchronized with the general appearance of the tower, I will print in 3d an accessory to paste on the cover
  11. The tower will take some changes in the side panel with window and in the upper panel where I will create a lateral window extension
  12. Now that the prototype is done I will create the final model in 3d for that purpose I will use the software 123ddesign and free and very simple to use Unfortunately I will not use this mini mod because it will not be necessary to use more fans but I do not delete the post
  13. In this mod I will also be a classic product of cm and also give it a new look It's old but it still works and nothing better than recycling material and saving some money let's start it