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  1. I also have a open ticket waiting for a response to getting some replacement brackets for a Hyper 212 EVO Fan
  2. there might be several things to check...first would be if the fan is working on the PSU. Second is the PSU mounted on top of the case and drawing air from within the case? If so then it could be drawing in internal hot air and better air flow is recommended. If your PSU is still under CM Warranty then you could always RMA it...but be sure and have anotehr one to use in the meantime because the 7-10 days CM talks about is way under-estimated...more like weeks to some reporting months. If you use 'live chat' support and they say "it should ship by the end of the week"..its scripted response.
  3. well of course the business you purchased it from isn't going to find anything wrong with it...and the restocking fee is a rip off in your case. I hope you removed them from your list of places to purchase and if they have 'comment' or 'feedback' area you do so. As for you choice of another product...."my opinion...wise move"
  4. Plus 75W from PCIe x16 slot and other 75W more from 6-pin PCIe power connector... so GTX 280 could draw up to 300W without breaking PCIe specifications. Better known as PCI-e v2.0 Specifications. 150W from the slot and 2*75W from the PCI-E connectors). http://news.softpedia.com/news/PCIE-2-0 ... 4571.shtml
  5. Its my understanding that the specs of a 8 Pin PCI-e power is capable of drawing +12V up to 12.5A which is 150W Max, So the Hexus Review would be more realistic. Blackrain made more sense, he just didn't bother with de-rating tempertures or go into details of adding the other 3.3 and +5v and was a little vague himself. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/181/8 I think the multiple links and the self summation of the articles are bit distorted. But anyways, I hope his card slid in without a hitch and satisfied
  6. that is something you will have to ask the retailer
  7. as long as your happy with your results....that is a monstrous heatsink....of course I would have tried something different...I would have purchased a small 80mm/92mm fan for the video card heatsink and then placed the CPU Fan on top as usual and blew air into the heatsink towards the CPU..right now its drawing the hot air off the video card passive heatsink....but its your temps and expense....and even with the Fan on top blowing into the CPU..the fins would route air downwards towards the passive heatsink and a fan might not even be needed. I wonder if that 120mm fan isn't getting some restriction being that close to the video card.
  8. this is how I would have liked the top to be (flat) but still have the tray compartment in front...I just like things 'squared and proportioned'
  9. if possible...that you can get someone from Cooler Master to contact you....im sure they can arrange 'advanced' replacement if you have a credit card. I was told that recently if I needed to...but i decided exchange the PSU with newegg.
  10. thats all fine...but explain how an older model got put in a newer box that specifies 2 8pin PCI-e's and even has the pictures on the back of the retail box...Cooler Master needs to rectify this mistake with the proper PSU and not some $2.00 adapter and not take weeks or months to replace it. **I only ask this because Mike878 himself in his first post made reference to the Specifications listed on the box**
  11. maybe you should click on this link and SEE for yourself (its even pictured and stated on the retail box)....sheeeeesh!!..even Mike878 notes that in his post. http://www.coolermaster.com/products/pr ... tail&id=35 Model RS-850-EMBA Type ATX Form Factor 12V V2.3 / SSI standard EPS 12V V2.92 Dimension (W / H / D) 150(W) x 180(L) x 86(H) (mm) Input Voltage 90~264V (Auto Range) Input Current 12A@ 115 Vac / 6.3A@ 230 Vac Input Frequency Range 47~63 Hz PFC Active PFC(0.99) Power Good Signal 100~500 ms Hold Up Time >17 ms Efficiency 81%(170W) / 85%(425W) / 82%(850W) MTBF >100,000 hrs Protection OVP / OCP / OTP / OLP / Short / Full Protection Output Capacity 850 Watts Continuous Max. Output Capacity 1,000 Watts Operation Temperature 0~50℃(Nominal Input Voltage) Safety CE / cUL / TUV / NEMKO / BSMI / FCC / CCC / C-tick / GOST Fan Ultra-silent 135mm fan with intelligent speed control Certification nVIDIA SLI / 80 Plus Connector M/B 24 Pin Connector x 1 CPU 4 Pin x 1 CPU 8 Pin x 1 PCI-E 8 Pin x2 <---------------------------- PCI-E 6 Pin x 4 4 Pin Peripheral x 6 SATA x 8 4 Pin Floppy x 2 If you need a lot of PCI-e connectors for an SLI setup you're in luck. There are a total of six in all – four 6-pin connectors, and two 8-pin connectors. These are also clearly labeled. http://www.tweaknews.net/reviews/cooler ... index4.php **only thing i've noticed..is they may have had an eariler version...and some older 6 Pin got mistakenly put in new boxes**
  12. are for your USB...Maxession explained that above...granted all the cable are present..now as for your HDD Activity Light..and again assuming all the cables were shipped....usually the lead coming from the top panel is marked 'HDD LEAD' (if not you will have to access the panel and trace it out)...then that wire connects to the system panel on your motherboard to a connection usually marked "IDE LED" image below is from a M2N-SLI Deluxe Manuel..please refer to yours
  13. nice and thanks for the heads up on the 140mm Yate Loon LED....good luck and 'Happy Cooling'
  14. 140mm Yate Loon LED's don't exist as of yet...so you are correct. Armand even though cases are of similar models..they don't all have same air-flow results and cooling due to each individuals components and cable managment..doing too much can also makes things worse....just get to know your case,environment,components and then work you way to its limits.
  15. Glad you got it sorted out...good luck and its a nice case.