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  1. It has been 18 days since my RMA'd mouse was received at the CM warehouse, and I still have not received confirmation of my replacement mouse shipping. Even if shipping delays are to blame, this kind of turnaround time is completely unacceptable. Not to mention my mouse took about a week to actually be received at the warehouse once it arrived, according to USPS tracking. In this time I have no mouse, and have been forced to use my phone instead. I contacted a CM official over text chat and received the same regurgitated excuse about shipping delays and whatnot, however, anything that potentially triples the turnaround time for their RMAs should be fixed immediately. In the meantime, I am forced to go through my daily life without a phone, and even if I had not been faced with a lack of communication or the fact that I called their warehouse half an hour before closing time and was prompted to leave a message instead of being directed to a human representative, I would still be reconsidering ever buying Cooler Master products again. Unless Cooler Master can fix these shipping delays and get me my mouse on a timely basis, I do not see a reason to do business with them again.