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  1. The case can be used for any Micro ATX Form Factor motherboard. Case cooling is optimized for the Over-clocking.
  2. Dream Case This project is all about the compact size and the looks. This project started with designing a case for personal use. The basic concept behind this project is that the design of the case should be compact and able to contain all the components including graphics card. The specialty of my design is that it is completely transparent. There is no such part which is not visible except the cables. There is special compartment for cable management in the design of the case. I will be discussing about each aspect in the next posts... The case is completely modular. Each part can be changed as per the requirement or after the breakage. The case can be manufactured from the scrap material. The cooling is done by using the Peltiers for best performance. To solve the problem of the moisture the cooling is controlled by using the Arduino Pro Mini and the Relays, those are linked with the temperature sensors. But if we want extreme preformace the case can be cooled to sub zero temps. Each part is removable. There is no specific orientation for the case. There are two compartments one is for the motherboard, processor, RAM. And the other part is dedicated for the power supply, HDD, and main component 'Graphics Card'. The case management is hidden using the two black colored acrylic sheets, all the cables are routed through those sheets. So there are no visible cables only connectors can be seen and cables in some parts where they are attached on the motherboard. The case is covered with the transparent acrylic sheets including the I/O side and the Cooling side containing two peltiers. For the stability and the rigidity the acrylic sheets are mounted on the red links with are made from the 3mm thick metal sheet. Both the compartments have independent cooling systems. The case is designing by considering the below listed part * Mobo - Asus MAXIMUS VIII GENE * SSD - Kingston HyperX * PSU - Corsair SF series The case height is 26cm and diameter is 26cm approx. For cooling of the pelier's hot side the Cooler master's 80mm fan will be used. Four of them will be used 2 for the hot side and 2 for the cold side. I am not able to manufacture this case in time. I am still waiting for the parts, I ordered. The place where I live I dont have much access to tools and high end machines. This is my first project and it will be helpful for my studies if I win this competition. I am attaching redered images for the reference.