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  1. I took the engine cover of a porsche cayenne and used it to fix the plexiglass
  2. I made the support to fix the radiators behind the mobotray and intstall the fans, and join the cables to make them custom-made
  3. then I created the cover for the psu cables with plexyglass. and after i cut de front panel of the case CoolerMaster Sl600M
  4. After painting the chassis, I created the lower plexy panel and I went on to test the "piston tank."
  5. with an electric motor I want to give movement to a tank as if it were a piston of an engine.
  6. I add aluminum reinforcements to put the power supply in the front
  7. I worked on the top to give them a racing style look
  8. Let's cut the frame to create an opening like the hood of a car .
  9. we verify the spaces and continue the mod. We prepare the top case supports
  10. Now I changes the support for the power supply.
  11. I continue to reinforce the chassis to create new openings. I seem to install roll bars. lol
  12. To move the motherboard towards the center of the case, I insert reinforcements and cut the mobo tray
  13. I'm creating a PC inspired by the Porsche and by the racing world. There will be changes to the chassis, with custom loop, custom painting e custom part. Hardware Specs: Cpu: Intel I5 9600k Ram: XPG 32gb D41 SSD: Intel p600 512gb PSU: CoolerMaster V750 VGA: Msi Gaming Rtx 2080 ventus MB: MSI Z390 gaming pro carbon Custom Loop: WB: Masterliquid maker 240 Waterblock VGA: ekwb vga rad: 360 ekwb se Pump: ek xtop revo d5 pwm plexi Tank: ek res x3 150 rgb I started by disassembling the case and replacing some parts with the chassis