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  1. I have returned my Seidon 240M radiator and pump, since they stopped working(Not exactly sure if it is a leak or just the pump failed, or what it is, could be both.), and I am now hearing, that they cannot even refurbish the stuff, that I returned to them, or send me a small upgrade to what I had, that failed, like that "MasterLiquid Pro 240 All-In-One (AIO) Liquid Cooler With FlowOp Technology, Dual Chamber Design And MasterFan Pro Radiator Fans By Cooler Master", I didn't pay much different, then what these are going for, and it is same size, as to what I basically had, so, it would basically be an upgrade, from the flawed parts, that I paid to send in to the company, to have them either repaired or send either a new or refurbished parts, that worked. In my opinion, they should send those of us, who had the similar stuff(As in, the 120 sets, should send the 120 version of the "MasterPro", and same with the 240's.), so that we can go back to our everyday things, and stop losing money, that we already spent, on something else, that we relied on the cooling devices, to keep our gaming rigs cool enough to not over-heat, and etc. Seeing as, with everyday, that passes, that is just more cash down the drain, and at least could have let us know, of the warehouses out of any of the liquid coolers, and all that! I am NOT impressed with this issue, right now! I also got an e-mail, from the US CM people, saying, that I have to send in my "Pay-Pal account name, and etc, and the same exact receipt, that I already sent in, to get a complete refund! Problem is, since I do not trust Pay-Pal, since my account was one of the thousands, that got hacked, I closed it down, and never opened another up, so, where does it leave us, who do not trust the "Pay-Pal" people!?
  2. For the quietest fans, look into the "Silencio" brand. They use liquid bearings, and they are extremely quiet, BUT, they do not have the 4-pin wiring(4th pin is for speed control of the fan.), but, they are still very quiet, and work great!