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  1. You can use the 4mm holes from the case for odd and hdd bay. I mod or change nothing but only the gap under Front I/O Panel for 420mm Radiator support and 5 passthrough holes or use a bracket to mount it in the Radiator Holes I change my build 4times and my loop 3 times and take the mastercase always to his limit step by step Build 1 (AIO) Build 2 (1st Loop) Build 3 (2nd Loop) Build 4(3rd Loop) I use there the UNI Holder for the reservoir
  2. Alperen62002

    MasterCase Maker 5 / EVGA Hybrid SLI

    You can mount the radiators in the front if the tubes are long enough? You might have to remove the odd bay
  3. Alperen62002

    Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    I know what you did wrong..... You did not read the manual from Bitfenix Sprectre Pro, right? Look at here: This 2 Pin Cable from the fan is not power cable for the fan leds!!!!! LEDs and the Fan blades have the same power source from 3-pin or 4-pin
  4. My Experience for the fans at the side panel are only DUST DUST DUST. It can cool the GPU but only DUST. They make only Turbulence in a Case.
  5. doing some indirect thin led stripe today. It fits perfect between the GPU and Vertical GPU Holder. It works great with the Maker 5 LED COntroller
  6. Alperen62002

    Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    Oh. Thank you for that suggestion. I will search for some custom designs and make something, maybe combine the ideas together and make some flaps or something ;-D
  7. Alperen62002

    Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    Hi Knud, I thank you very much for your assessment The Air Intake is in the front and Outtake on the top. But there is a little Problem. Maker 5 Front door panel impairs the air flow. Water can not cool enough. There is 5-8°C Temperature Differences. I am thinking about an electrical Frontdoor panel controlled by the temperature of water. I have already 2 Temp Sensors in my Loop I need only: 1. 12V Digital temperature Control Switch like this 2. 12V Linear Actuator Motor 50mm like this 3. Time ;-D
  8. Alperen62002

    Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    you too I knew it already
  9. Alperen62002

    Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    Just rebuild the tubes, and optimized
  10. Alperen62002

    Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    Hey guys, I finished by Custom Water Cooling and present you with proud... What do you think? There are 280mm Rad and 420mm Rad installed with 2xD5 Pumps. And thanks a lot to COOLER MASTER and KNUD. I really appreciate that they send me their own sample vertical GPU holder to help me complete this project.
  11. I think most of us want only the sheet holder. I think this is most important than the riser card. If the holder will include the riser card, i guess it will be very expensive.... 80-100€. Good Risercard PCIE Gen 3 costs 50-70€ in Germany. And if the riser card will make problems like Thermaltake Riser Cards it will not be good ending for us.
  12. Alperen62002

    Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    There is a 248x1,5x8,5 mm and 12V LED Stripe inthere u can change it with another led stripe or rgb led stripe. Search for 8mm LED Stripes in Amazon, Ebay ..... It will fit in this Aluminum Profile. U have to solder the cable in the new led stripe. The connector is a JST-PH 2.0 2Pin Connector. U can purchase it in Amazon. Search for "JST SET". If you're not skilled enough, then let it be...
  13. I am very interested in PCIE RISER CARD HOLDER for Mastercase. How can we accomplish that?? Will it ever released? The Pictures`re published 1 Month ago...
  14. please release Mastercase PCIE RISER CARD HOLDER!!!