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  1. You can use the 4mm holes from the case for odd and hdd bay. I mod or change nothing but only the gap under Front I/O Panel for 420mm Radiator support and 5 passthrough holes or use a bracket to mount it in the Radiator Holes I change my build 4times and my loop 3 times and take the mastercase always to his limit step by step Build 1 (AIO) Build 2 (1st Loop) Build 3 (2nd Loop) Build 4(3rd Loop) I use there the UNI Holder for the reservoir
  2. MasterCase Maker 5 / EVGA Hybrid SLI

    You can mount the radiators in the front if the tubes are long enough? You might have to remove the odd bay
  3. MASTERCASE Front Fan GAP?

    Why is it impossible??? Because of the thread???? Or are the screws from original mastercase too short??? You have to fix the radiator with the fans.... This gap is usually for move the radiator up and down with the fans for more flexibility
  4. Masterdesk?! heehe

    From the album Mastercase Maker 5

  5. Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    I know what you did wrong..... You did not read the manual from Bitfenix Sprectre Pro, right? Look at here: This 2 Pin Cable from the fan is not power cable for the fan leds!!!!! LEDs and the Fan blades have the same power source from 3-pin or 4-pin
  6. My Experience for the fans at the side panel are only DUST DUST DUST. It can cool the GPU but only DUST. They make only Turbulence in a Case.
  7. doing some indirect thin led stripe today. It fits perfect between the GPU and Vertical GPU Holder. It works great with the Maker 5 LED COntroller
  8. IMG 20161022 150313

    From the album Mastercase Maker 5

  9. IMG 20161022 150632

    From the album Mastercase Maker 5

  10. DSC 0346

    From the album Mastercase Maker 5

  11. Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    Oh. Thank you for that suggestion. I will search for some custom designs and make something, maybe combine the ideas together and make some flaps or something ;-D
  12. Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    Hi Knud, I thank you very much for your assessment The Air Intake is in the front and Outtake on the top. But there is a little Problem. Maker 5 Front door panel impairs the air flow. Water can not cool enough. There is 5-8°C Temperature Differences. I am thinking about an electrical Frontdoor panel controlled by the temperature of water. I have already 2 Temp Sensors in my Loop I need only: 1. 12V Digital temperature Control Switch like this 2. 12V Linear Actuator Motor 50mm like this 3. Time ;-D
  13. linearmotor

    From the album Mastercase Maker 5