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  1. I believe that is normal behavior - you cannot use the Trigger to input keys while a macro is running. This is because the Trigger has "hardware-level" programming and macros done through the keyboard itself and Razer uses "software-level" programming and macros so it's done through their driver. Advantages of hardware level macros are that you don't need the drivers open at all after you set it up, and you can use that same keyboard on any computer in any OS with all your settings saved, but of course the disadvantage is that you can't integrate them reliably into gameplay, as you have found out.
  2. I don't have the Trigger-Z to test, sorry. I only have the non-Z Trigger model at the moment. Portal software doesn't have old Trigger model support, so I use the standalone software. I don't know if they are cross-compatible.
  3. Try the CM Portal under the Downloads section. It should detect your keyboard and find you the right software. If that doesn't work, send in a support ticket.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think that keyboard was ever commercially released unfortunately. I've only seen pictures of review units or their showroom units from conventions.
  5. I think you might be hearing the PWM sounds. Someone else made a similar thread as you here: so it might be the design of the RGB LED colors being altered through PWM.
  6. Quickfire TK doesn't have macro functions so your thinking is correct. It seems defective to me. The bottom row of keys seem like they're shorting, and that "?BCNVXZ|" is in alphabetical order which is what happens in NKRO mode when multiple key inputs happen at the same time. Give it a clean if it's dirty/dusty, had liquid spill, etc; sometimes that could cause a short. If that doesn't help you probably have to RMA.
  7. They have made the reset tool available publicly for download, here's the link: http://www.coolermaster.com/xresserver01-DLFILE-P150723001629c4-F1507230027a331.html You can find it in the Downloads menu on the Trigger product page.
  8. I believe the 10 ms interval is a limitation of the keyboard controller / firmware for the Trigger/Trigger-Z. It reads multiple keys as a single input. So it won't repeat the same key faster than 10 ms apart even with the macro, and if you press 2 different keys within 10 ms, they will be input simultaneously.
  9. I don't see it on the Cooler Master international store either :/ just the US one Look for a USB male to male (type A) cable and it should work. The cable on the CM store website is braided and has the Cooler Master branding but otherwise the same as a standard cable.
  10. Intel LGA 1155, 1156, 1150, and 1151 have the same socket hole spacing - it is an older product so I can believe it if they didn't explicitly mention that one in the manual. If it's similar to the original Hyper TX3, yeah I agree the screws are pretty flimsy.
  11. IIRC the backlight LED levels are controlled by PWM (pulse width modulation) so as it cycles it can produce a high pitched sound. You could try to get a replacement, but I'm not sure if it happens with all the MasterKeys boards. Hope someone else with the same keyboard can chime in. I experienced the same thing on my backlit keyboard (CM Storm Trigger) when I first got it, but I don't really notice it now (maybe I'm getting older and can't hear that frequency anymore? lol)
  12. Did you try changing the non-Unicode system locale? I also have English Windows but I can change the layout to JP or Italian in Trigger software by changing the system locale language. (Control Panel, Region and Language, Administrative tab, Language for non-Unicode programs - Change system locale). Changing keyboard layout option for Windows doesn't change it and there's no option for it in Trigger software itself. Like I said before, I don't have Trigger-Z so I can only speak for Trigger software. (Also might be worth a try, does the Portal software work for the Trigger-Z? It's listed as a download on the product page but my old Trigger isn't detected by it haha.)
  13. The CM Storm Trigger should already act this way - the right Storm key will always act as FN, but the left Storm key can be Windows key/Super key. Mine is set in this way. In the software, the right Storm key is actually unable to be changed from the default function. While the software is open in an active window, both the right and left Storm key will act the same but once you close the Trigger software window and the settings are applied, the right Storm key will be FN key again and left Storm key will retain whichever option (FN, Win/Super, or No Function) you set.
  14. I have no idea if it's the same for Trigger-Z, but the Trigger (non-Z) software uses the non-Unicode system locale language to determine the keyboard language/layout. For example, I set my system locale to Japanese (Japan) for certain applications and the CM Trigger software will show Japanese notification + JP keyboard layout when it launches. I am using English Windows version and English - US input, and my CM Storm Trigger is ANSI US layout. I just tried with system locale set to Italian (Italy) with this result: Not sure if it will be the same in your situation, but I hope you find a solution.
  15. You might have the repeat rate option on a setting higher than 1x. If you have the CM Storm Octane keyboard, try pressing FN+Q in the game to adjust the repeat rate.