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  1. Thank you! I think you can close this thread. Regards!
  2. Hi, yes I know about the profiles xD A question: is there an option to keep the logo on? The OLED keep turn off every time. Just turn on when I change between profiles. Regards.
  3. Fixed. With Sentinel Z3ro-g the bmp file must be indexed and use a black palette but with Sentinel III the files must be RGB but just using black and white NOT gray scale. Now the OLED logo works fine! Regards!
  4. Hello! I just got the Sentinel III, It's working fine just the OLED logo isn't working. I had the Z3ro-G with custom oled logos, bmp 32x32 files with black and white palette created with GIMP, the same files doesn't appear work with the Sentinel III, when I load the file, the preview doesn't change. With the Sentinel III only show the cooler master logo. Firmware 1.18 Any help? Regards from Panamá.