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  1. Here's short video of how mechanics work on Cyborg Enjoy!
  2. We put up a short video of assembly. its not much, but since we didnt had time to put someone behind the camera, this one will do And we will have one more short video, which demonstrates how mechanics work on Cyborg Enjoy
  3. I finally managed to get some better pictures! Video coming soon!
  4. Finaly finished We just need to take some better photos
  5. I gave my best, but i wasnt able to finish it today. So tomorrow! I was in workshop from 7 to something past 23h, and i managed to wire everything (well, almost, need to wire power for servo ), managed to put base together, and just need to put shoulders on tomorrow One more without shoulders Base for the cyborg (usb's and other connectors are on the right side, i totally forgot to take pictures of that), And i need to clean my fingerprints of that front panel xD
  6. One more day to finish! just need to wire everything, put both shoulders and backpack on, and put polycarbonate on bottom panel Here are some pics after today!
  7. It was finaly time for some real paint job. We decided to invest more into good colors and we are very satisfied with results ^^ Almost finished helmet A little teaser for tomorrow :
  8. Some random metal parts Mostly construction holders First paint job Front and side polycarbonate control panel - work in progress
  9. Brackets for USB and DVI connector and making of polycarbonate visor
  10. Quick update before we put this thing together We finished all armor parts, and you can see some work in progress here: Shoulder Inner side of breast plate with closed flaps Inner side of breast plate with opened flaps
  11. Thank you Actually its not leaking Drops were on the reservoir and hose, leftovers while we were putting liquid inside (we need smaller funnel ) Rings were made so tight that we actually had to use press to put acrylic pipes in And video is unlisted because we plan to make time lapse video of assembly, and that one will go public
  12. Canister and stock pump testing
  13. Breastplate: breastplate with shoulders: