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  1. BradBrock1

    Cleaning the notepal A200?

    I don't have any Though that was my first thought. Went in to the cleaning cupboard and there was none...
  2. BradBrock1

    Cleaning the notepal A200?

    I have tried using something similar. For the hair that's stuck directly around the fan I can simply grab them using similar tools, however for the hair that's stuck a lot farher away, the angle just isn't right for me to grab it all :/
  3. BradBrock1

    Cleaning the notepal A200?

    Anyone know a way to clean the Notepal A200? I've tried prying the edges up but they aren't easy so I don't think they're meant to come loose. If I do manage to get them up, my biggest worry is if I can get them back in place again. Would that be possible or is there a better (preferably free) way of cleaning the cooler? It has a bunch of hair stuck around the fan that I can't reach.