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  1. Why aren't these available in the United States? Looking them up on the Cooler Master site says "Not Available in the United States".
  2. Don't worry too much about it venting vertically, hot air rises. As long as our case is vented on the top and you have plenty of air flow through the front of the case, your temps should stay good. It looks like you have the Thermaltake Versa H22 case like me, which has top vents. My T4 is also mounted facing up due to my AMD setup on my gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 Mobo & ThermalTake H22 case but it works out great. I have two 120mm Cooler Master Sickle Flow fans in the front of my case pulling cool air, and One 120mm case fan on the back blowing hot air out of the system. The 120mm fan on the T4 blows upward across the heat sinks and out the top of the case which is great!
  3. I've been doing some research and some say the AMD reads 7-10 degrees off sometimes so if then it's 23c and 47c which is still great! (I live in Central Texas, which gets hot, but my house stays 65f-68f year round)
  4. Greetings! I noticed that there isn't enough love for the Hyper T4 CPU Cooler, so I wanted to share my story about mine. I finally bit the bullet and built my own gaming PC after many many many years of lurking from a distance, afraid to get my hands dirty. In the process of researching CPU air coolers, every one kept trumpeting the EVO 212, saying "It's the best!". You can guess my frustrations when I learned that an EVO 212 wouldn't fit in my case! Every cooler people recomended me was either too big or too expensive, and this being a first build I didn't want to break the bank on my first try and fail. Which leads me to the greatest discovery in my build.....The Cooler Master Hyper T4. Yes, the cooler that no one is talking about, BUT SHOULD! I installed this cooler on my AMD FX-8350 Black Edition, and I am totally impressed with its performance! I have run Prime95 for 24hrs on my rig and the HYPER T4 never let my CPU get above 37c....YES! 37c! My Idle temps are around 13c! The fan on the T4 is darn near silent, EVEN AT FULL SPEED! I am really happy to have found a CPU cooler than not only cools amazingly well, but also doesn't destroy the pocket book. It is very well made and very easy to assemble and attach to the motherboard. So in closing, if you are looking for a CPU cooler and a Evo 212 wont fit, defenitly get a Hyper me, you'll love it! Thanks for making such good equipment Cooler Master, you've got a loyal customer from now on in me! Derrick Gott (P.S Are there supposed to be Cooler Master stickers in the box with the Hyper T4? There were none in mine and I wanted to proudly display it on my case to let every one know who's keeping me cool)