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  1. I got this Eisberg 240L Prestige about 6-8 months ago, by winning it through a tournament, however only today I decided to put it in my computer. But when I went to install the fans on the radiator, I noticed one of them was wobbling. After inspecting it a bit, the blades came off. After about 12 hours of searching how to fix the wobbling, I finally realized that the problem wasn't the wobbling... It was the fact that the blades broke off of the motor and were only being held barely by the magnet. I only opened it once, to put away the box. After that, I stashed it away in a secure place. There was no way for it to have been damaged while it was stashed away. Nonetheless, the fan is broken. The only cooler master store in my country is about 2130 Km away from where I live, and I don't know if there are any fans I could buy instead to replace it. So, I'm going to try to superglue the pieces back together and hope it works. However, before that, I need to know two things: 1- Is it safe to do so? As in, is it safe to glue the pieces back together? Is there danger of the fan coming off? Will it damage my water loop? 2- If I shouldn't glue, and instead should buy another one... Could I use only a single one while I wait? Or will it break if I only use one? (The radiator uses 2 fans) Also, since I got it from a tournament, there's no warranty. So, I got a broken prize that I can't refund or fix. Yay. Altough, if anyone knows of a good replacement for the Eisberg fans, do tell me! While I can't get the real deal, I might aswell use another one before my computer burns up.