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  1. Yinger

    Liquid Dreams

    Last Post. Added the cooler master custom cpu fan. 3d printed a air cone to fit the 140mm on to the old intel chip. Cooling is under 100 f so i think it came out good. Thanks for watching!
  2. Yinger

    Liquid Dreams

    Final DAY! Finished assembly, lights, 3d printed parts. Items that were printed were the wire combs, wire channels, water cooling tube buffers, hard drive trays and hard drive rails. Everything came out way better than I expected and very happy with the build. Will be something that is proudly used in my office for a life time. I want to give a huge thanks to my neighbor/Welder who helped make this possible! I hope you have enjoyed watching it come together as much as I have making it.
  3. Yinger

    Liquid Dreams

    DAY 8 Work log Start the assembly Water cooling in! First test / Leak test / Cooling test - Processor temp 48-55 F Hopefully 1-2 more days before Im using it.
  4. Yinger

    Liquid Dreams

    Day 7 Work Log Designing some stuff with the printers. The hard drive mounts are printed and Im going some wire channels. Decided to try out some airbrushing. Mixed up some pearl red to add to the top coat. First try at this sort of thing and I like it.
  5. Yinger

    Liquid Dreams

    Day 2 Work log - Kinda something like this. Getting the measurements ready for the motherboard trays. - Welded 80% of it - Break time - How strong is it? - Glass on, getting close to full fabrication. Day 3 Work Log - So many goodies arrived today! - Do some more grinding and welding. Making sure the case can hold, well anything. - Cutting some 4" can holes, and by some I mean alot. Broke this drill bit 5 times. - Re-enforcing the rear wall. - A view from the fans perceptive. - Mother board trays installed. I pulled these from some old towers I have laying around. I am running 2 computers in here. 1 Gaming and 1 little server for media storage. The server will not get the water cooling. - A very blurry photo of the first mock up. Sorry, this was taken at 2am. Day 4 Work Log - Adding wire holes and access panels. - Done fabricating. Just grinding off the welds and getting it smoothish before paint. Day 5 Work Log Test fit and final mock up before paint! Day 6 Work Log Time to make it wet. Using a Enamel gloss paint. Primer On Looking Glossy
  6. Yinger

    Liquid Dreams

    Work Log update- Day 1 - Concept of the desk. Made from card board and taped together. - Picking up materials from my local metal place - The workers. Me in the white and my friend Brad in the Green. - Drew the design from the cardboard to the metal, cutting time. - More cutting
  7. Hello Everyone - I have been dreaming of a build since highschool (12ish years ago). After many failed attempts, tools bought, materials purchased I finally started the endevour of a scratch build. The "Liquid Dreams" system is a desk, much like a few others have done. This is constructed from all metal instead of wood and with the use of my 3d Printers has some cool add-ins. I started this project just last week and have made amazing progress. Thanks to an awesome neighbor that has a fantastic skill of exotic metal welding, together we have made it happen. My parts are not high-end but this is a build that has been on my mind for too many years. This build is about the case, not the computer. Please check it out. I know not everyone will like it but this is something that I have wanted so I am excited to share with you all and Cooler Masters. Thank you David