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  1. I know but where is it measurement diagram of it?
  2. I can get this version of cooler: But I went to your website and found V8 which doesn't look like the one in the above link: Under asus qualified list they mentioned V8 GTS not V8. The link you sent me,it's not the same mainboard,mine is asus maxmus formula VIII,this could be Hero version. So which version should I go for? Do you have 3D Measurement Diagram of V8 GTS?Link me please.
  3. Formula declared that this cooler is supported nder qualify list.I am not really sure if it will fit without touching heatsink on vrms on mainboard. From ther other side I'm nor sure either if I will be able to fit RAM memory or if the cooler will cover my RAM slots.One RAM slot wouldn't be a problem but 2 is an issue. The heat pipes have unusual design which might suit this particular socket on this mainboard. Also how tall RAM slots could fit in if the cooler is mounted? I also need to know because of it's height how wide pc case should be?