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    Hopefully CM will make 140mm Jetflo's with pwm and 3 pin options with/without LED's that are quieter then the 120mm's, I will get 1 red led pwm, 1 non-led pwm and 1 red led 3 pin.

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  1. It would be nice if Cooler Master would make a VGA adapter to use the their coolers, like NZXT did!
  2. Right now they have the LiquidMaster Pro's with only Blue LED's, I would prefer saving some money and buying one with Red LED's if they would start bringing those out, instead of a RGB that would probably bring the price up at least $20 or more.
  3. I love the way the MasterLiquid Pro looks but it is only available in Blue LED, I would buy a 280 if it was made with Red LED, if not RGB then at least have the choices of the individual colors.
  4. I love the way the MasterLiquid Pro looks, except the LED color, I'm sure there are lot's of people that like Blue but in my case I need either RGB or a Red color option, then I'll buy a MasterLiquid Pro 280. !!!!!!
  5. I agree on the RGB, but not just the MasterLiquid 240, also the the Pro's all sizes, either make it RGB or have color options, if CM makes them with RGB or Red color option then I'll buy a MasterLiquid Pro 280.
  6. these new fans need to have led's plus if they are not static pressure fans then why make them run so fast? especially the 140mm, you only need 1200 or 1300 max rpm's for air flow, PWM from 500 or 600 to 1200 or 1300 and for the 120mm probably 800 to 1600 rpm's at the most, we don't need jet engines inside our PC cases.
  7. This model needs more led color selection, like red at least!
  8. I am still a amateur PC modder that is why I have so many different brands in my rig just to experiment with them, I have been a CM fan for quite a while, and if CM delivers good and affordable products like the JetFlo's and the older V8/V10 coolers, in the PSU and water cooler area then I will buy their products, so far CM did great with the JetFlo's and Silencio fans I have, I also have an old CM Storm case which I need to clean out and rebuild so yeah I do want to get CM products but if they are not there to get then I don't know what to say, plus CM needs to up on their Warranty periods to 5 or 6 years, since these 4th Gen fans are rated to last 160k w/h then CM should be able to extend their warranty, the same with water coolers, what I've noticed is that a lot manufacturers make or outsource some other company to make the water coolers and they all seem to have similar specs, as in the water pump having about the same rpm's, sound dbs and life span, I am sure they can last at least 4 - 5 years if we don't connect them to the cpu header, they should on 12 v constant, I've seen a lot of people complain about them breaking down and for the most part it's because they put them on the cpu fan header.
  9. So I'd seen the 3 new fans coming hopefully there will have more variety on each one, like PWM 4 pin and 3 pin plus 3 to 5 LED colors (led's at least in the balance and air flow ones) to choose from. Also since they are 140s they should only run at a max of 1300 rpm's for the PWM with the exception of the static pressure being only PWM and reaching 1300 or 1500 rpm's for Silencio and 2000 rpm's for the high performance, may or may not have LED doesn't matter to me but it would for someone else. And 1000 rpm's for the 3 pin balance and air flow ones (also LED options on these). It would be nice to see all these options to choose from because everyone thinks differently on how a case should be modded and whether it's right or wrong it's what we all as individuals want to look at when we are done building our rig. Another thing the US needs those 280mm water coolers that are available in the UK, but with the suggested static pressure fans above.
  10. It's too soon to know, but if they are just gonna bring those 3 fans out that's not gonna cut it, we'll see how silent are those 140mm, with no led if they are quieter then the ones I have, then the static pressure ones can go on the NZXT water cooler and the air flow ones on the front of my case for intake depends on how much static pressure the air flows have or maybe the balance 140 fans will have to do, again just have to wait and see what their specs are, they are not showing any details yet.
  11. cool ! ok gonna check that out!
  12. yeah I like my JetFlo's and Silencio fans, but I like I said I need 140mm ones just as good but quieter.
  13. CM and Gigabyte need to up their game, I'm probably gonna move to asus mobo and nzxt water cooler, gigabyte's been behind asus and msi and asrock for ever, they might have double bios but I don't see it's usefulness when the other brands just have a reset button on the board, also these have more control on their bios over G.B. , and cm's water coolers are not available in the US and even if they were I would buy NZXT instead because of their 6 year warranty over the 1 or 2 of CM, I know I got a Silverstone but that was my first one, now that I've researched them that's what I would do unless CM starts selling theirs here and raise their warranty period, and fans I got these JetFlo's but again if CM doesn't start making good 140mm fans like the JetFlo's and Silencios but quieter I'm probably going to move to Phanteks, again I'll reiterate they need to up their game or they will be left behind in the dust.
  14. yeah I know that am3+ is way behind intel, my last intel was a pentium 4 without hyper threading and it was great but I wanted an unlocked cpu with more threads but when I seen the prices of intel I decided to go with amd, and now my cpu is more then 2 years old and it's starting to kick the can, hopefully am4 which it's suppose be an fm socket family will be more affordable if not then I'll just go with intel, so yeah I have to get a new board as well no matter what, besides this board is not rigid enough for these new double sized overweighted gpu's, I had to put a piece of my gpu's foam to support the weight, I'm sure you can see it on the bottom right.