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  1. hyoo

    CM V8 GTS dust issue?

    Hi all, I completely disassembled my PC today. Here is a clearer picture. It seems to be some sort of rust. Best, Hojin
  2. hyoo

    CM V8 GTS dust issue?

    Hi all, The problem seems to be more serious than I thought. Today, I opened the case, and tried to clean the dust. It stuck on the steel panel like crystal and I could not remove it. What I called the dust does not seems to be dust even unless it is solidified really hard. Somehow the picture is not shown correctly. I am attaching new one after trying it clean it. Best, Hojin
  3. hyoo

    CM V8 GTS dust issue?

    By the way, it seems strange that I can see the pictures only when I logged in due to the permission, and probably the others cannot see them. There was not a such problem yesterday, I guess. How can I fix it?
  4. hyoo

    CM V8 GTS dust issue?

    I have not had a PC for a while. I put the PC on my desk in the living room, and I don't think the place is particularly dusty or so.
  5. CM V8 GTS seems to have a dust issue. I wonder anyone has the same issue. I built my PC last march with V8 GTS. It has been less than two months clearly, and I use my PC less than an hour a day. I really like how it looks but today I found collected dust dropped from the fan. See the attached pictures. Dust has been collected on the right bottom of the steel part, and some large dust bunches dropped from it onto the VGA card. Some of them might fall into the VGA board through the holes. I am worried that dust might come from the grinded moving part of the fan. This seems to be an quite problem considering the time I have used it. Anyone has the same issue?