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    H500p and c700p release

    I think the most important about h500p is the top fans i owned the Mastercase pro 5 .It is a fantastic case, so do and two of my friends the only problem we have with the case is the top fan space . we custom watercool our pc station ... and at the top the only space we have is about 240 or 280 radiator with push possion fan .. i saw a lot of videos about the h500p and my conclusion is that its support 3x120 at the top with a 360 radiator but the think is that if you want to buy such outstanding case and you want the perfect view at the top with the plexiglass you must put 3x140 fans to cover all the place so plz coolemaster make it happen
  2. greengroser21

    Here it is! Cooler Master Maker 7!

    OMG .. i dont know about mastecase MAKER 7 its really a good case not something extraordinary ... no new ideas ... not something prototype .. but its ok a very good quality case ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUT THIS HERE ITS """ DIVINE '''''''' OMG so many modding potentials incredible look ...pure new age esthetic .. agressive GAMING look ... ( i have already make my built and all modding in that case in my mind .... really soooooo many potentials... good job CM....!!!!!! IF this come at start of 2017 in a <<<<<<logical price>>>>> it will crash the market like a NEW GODLIKE KING for 2 or 3 years (can someone give us any information about this case )