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  1. Yeah I noticed that you had to leave the .exe open, I hoping that more custom effects could be upoaded to the keyboard's memory, or at least to the Cooler Master Masterkeys' software which runs in the background... Will that be a possibility at some point? Would be really nice.....
  2. Argh ok... I've now seen the other thread with the link in it for the SDK page ( I had no idea it had been released already, the main page for the keyboard hasn't changed since I bought it. Searching for "Masterkeys Pro SDK" doesn't get that lighting creation page either. I think the SDK should be listed on the product downloads section so people can actually find it. Looking forward to checking it out now
  3. There has been previous posts saying there should have been some new software around the time of Computex, guess there's a bit of a delay...
  4. Yeah I'm really hoping for an update to the software/firmware soon. Any ETA for the SDK or new software releases yet?
  5. There is a video guide for the keyboard, don't know if you've seen this? - I'm still mostly enjoying the keyboard. though the noisy spacebar is really starting to bother me greatly, if anything it's got worse. It has a very irritating and loud rattly click to it, particularly if pressed in the center. Does anyone else have this problem? I really hope it goes away at some point. :/
  6. Yeah I've just tried disabling the System Status mode in all the profiles and that seems to have solved the high CPU issue. It's a little annoying though as it would be nice to be able to have a profile spare for the Equalizer or CPU modes without it using as much 6-7% (quite a lot for an i5 6600k @4.5GHz!!). I saw on the Reddit megathread that they're aiming to have the SDK released for May 31st which would be pretty sweet. I think it's kind of needed for this keyboard to be going head to head with the Corsair RGB boards.
  7. Hi, I have some feedback regarding my new Masterkeys Pro L, these are just some immediate thoughts based on my use so far: Overall so far it's very nice . I really like the clean and minimal design, and the RGB lighting seems to work really well. I noticed that the cable routing slot in the middle out the back doesn't hold on to the braided cable very well, meaning it can slip out when moving the keyboard around or when it's raised on the flip-out legs, and the fact that it uses a micro USB port gives me some concern about durability. This is a fairly minor issue though. The finish of the keycaps is quite smooth, which can be nice, though for gaming or other uses where you need to rest on some keys for a long time I've found the Keys to have a bit of sticky tacky feeling, I prefer the more chalky feel of PBT keycaps for these purposes.They are also somewhat easily marked by fingerprints. I really hope that more major manufacturers start using PBT for their keycaps, as they really are so much nicer, in terms of durability, feel, and acoustics. The spacebar is really noticeably noisy, which is a real shame, as the rest of the keys are pretty good in terms of acoustics The keyboard does have some BIOS incompatility it seems, as I'm unable to access it via the delete key on my Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI motherboard, I have to use the delete key on a spare keyboard for that, however once in the BIOS I am able to navigate with the Masterkeys. Something I'm really not happy about at the moment is that the Masterkeys Pro software continues to run in the background and uses about 2-5% of my CPU all the time, which isn't really acceptable. I might be ok with 0.1-0.5%, but an average of 3% usage on my 6600k is bit bad, on much lower end systems it could noticeably affect performance and be a real problem. I assume it keeps running in order to continuously supply CPU usage and equalizer data to the keyboard, which is ok, but I would prefer it if there was an option to totally kill the software on exit. I can manually end the task which is ok, but a menu option would obviously be more convenient. Regarding the lighting customisation: The main thing that's bothering me right now is with the Single Key reactive mode; The single key press colour fades to black before immediately changing back to the the "Rest" colour of the whole keyboard. This means that as you type you can see your presses 'popping' back to the original colour, which draws the eye and is a bit distracting and annoying. It would be much nicer if it would gently merge back into the Rest colour instead. If this could be fixed or changed in an update soon I would be very happy! The MultiLayer option could do with plenty of work too, I really wish that we could have the options for each effect available with this mode, i.e. being able to use the Rest and Key colours for the Single Key mode for a particular set of keys. It would be nice to be able to have more than one zone using the same effect too, like two different zones using different Static colours, or Colour Wave directions. Are there limitations with the keyboard's onboard memory or processing capacity that might prevent it having a more fully featured suite of customisations? I've noticed that when using the Breath mode some colours will not remain equal as brightness increases/decreases. I have my arrow keys and escape key set to a yellow Breath in a multilayer setting on one of my profiles and sometimes the RGB LEDS seem to become 'desynced' and start to alternate between different colours. A feature I think a lot of people would like to see is some kind of quick overall brightness adjustment, I think a good way to do this might be to add two Fn key functions that will raise or lower all three RGB sliders for every key at the same time. Maybe Fn + Up Arrow/Down Arrow? If this could be added via a firmware update that would be excellent, I've seen quite a few comments on various sites that are asking if there is a quick way to adjust the brightness, so i think this would be a welcome feature. Again I don't know if there are memory/CPU limitations that might get in the way of this. I'm really looking forward to the release of the SDK, and I hope we'll be able to effectively make our own very custom profiles and link to various programs. I read something about Corsair's SDK - "The WASD movement controls shine in a white hue, while each of your weapons keys shine green—until you run out of ammo, that is, at which point those keys turn red. The Function keys across the top of the keyboard appear red to mirror your in-game health bar, and slowly deplete as zombies bash at your brains, fading to black as your health does as well. Finally, all the keys flash red when you’re struck in-game." I assume this kind of functionality will depend heavily on the games support for this kind of integration. For myself, I plan on trying to have functionality linked into some audio programs, such as Reaper, Ableton, etc. I hope the SDK will be released soon! Thank you.