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  1. Just got off CM support Live chat, they walked me through this, I had to take out the front panel plastic that surrounded the front frame, there were clips on the back, just had to push them a bit and they came off. The rest was self explanatory. Finally the IO panel is working as intended, the lights work now. I would suggest CM to make a more robust molex connector because the way the molex connector is its very fragile and a simple tug would break the cable since its only 2 connectors instead of 4. Or even consider replacing the molex with sata power connector for a more robust cable. Anyways, I am happy everything is working properly now!
  2. I got the replacement part next week since the lights were not working properly and it appears the molex connector cable just broke and thats why it doesn't work...anyways I need instructions on how to take the top panel out and replacing with the new one...I am lost, I just can't figure it out. I have 3 fans mounted on the front. Do I have to take out the 3 fans on the front in order for me to be able to pop the IO panel out? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I see, if thats the case then I think this was a bad design choice...or the engineering team totally forgot about this...HDD activity LED should always be separate in my opinion. About your other question I think Cooler Master failed to add that on the instruction manual the case came with...really poor manual I have to say.
  4. On the fan hub there is a sata connector, you have to connect that hub to the sata power then everything will light up/work properly.
  5. Cooler master I am not sure if they got the monies or anything but they been out of stock for most of the Mastercase stuff for a while and they have yet to release the tempered glass...2 months wait....
  6. I noticed there is a SW1 and SW2 connector what does it mean? The reason I am asking is because I am considering replacing the fan built in fan hub with a pwm fan hub from Thermaltake, but I am not sure where the SW1 and SW2 connectors would go at that point.
  7. Saw this guy doing it: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/project-isolation-modded-cooler-master-mastercase-5-maker.222037/ Its a really nice custom built, too bad he didn't post it here, but the above link will show the project and honestly it looks freaking amazing!
  8. As of right now I doubt we get anymore new info until next year.
  9. I don't understand why Cooler Master went with that version of the plug for the LED strip...they should have made it standard....its a mastercase so it should provide you unlimited customization options, this kinda limits us to cooler master only. Also I hope they release an RBG strip and an RBG adapter...
  10. Hmmm, I don't think so because I think its being sold as a seperate part: http://www.cmstore-usa.com/masteraccessory-cooling-bracket/
  11. SKIP TO 4:30 Its in that video and wow it looks freaking bad :)! It seems like its gonna come out with the tempered glass too.
  12. One more thing I wanted to add, I understand you want to market the fan controller which is built in, but it would have been nice to have them as 4 pin connector, also the led bar comes with a propetariary design so it can only be hooked to the cooler master hub, maybe with the next version we can get away from the propitiatory options and maybe even add PWM fans with the case. Another idea for the next Mastercase case is to add an option where you can connect the fan hub to the mobo, this way people can control the fan speeds using a software. Other than that, still enjoying my case.
  13. This is a quick review of The Mastercase Maker 5. The case is made really well, very robust, the built quality is great. The colors on the top panel are really nice, plenty of usb ports up top and the audio jacks quality are good too. Cable routing feels to be nice. The fan hub is nice, but for me is no use because I use my mobo to control the fan speeds, but if you don't have enough fan slots on your mobo then the fan hub can be very useful. The top part to mount the radiator is so nice, it makes mounting a radiator a breeze, I just love this feature, probably my most favorite feature of this case. I hope the next version of the Mastercase has an option for RBG controls built in on the front panel, and also the ability to control how bright the led can be. Also I wish the lower part cutouts for cable routing could be slightly bigger (the cutouts behind the SSD mounting brackets at the bottom) the reason is there is not enough room if I want to route 4 cables through those holes if I want 4 SSD's there. So if you guys made the cut out maybe half an inch bigger it would have been perfect. Next I think an additional ssd bracket should have been included for the back. Otherwise no complaints, the case is very good. I am now waiting for the Mastercase to release the tempered glass so I can get it from the store, I think it looks very luxorious and it would make the case look 10x better because tempered glass is just awesome. Cooler Master is a strong contender in the Mid ATX range market now. The pricing could have been a bit lower, but you do get what you pay for. Keep up the great work and hopefully you guys take the feedbacks I have left. EDIT: mods could you update the title to say Mastercase Maker 5 instead of just Mastercase 5?
  14. Hi there, I recently got this case about a week ago and so far its amazing, but I have couple issues with it. First, the LED strip that was included with the case its amazing, however you did not offer an option to adjust brightness to the RED LED Strip, which makes is so bright its just annoying to say the least. Second, when can we start ordering parts for the Mastercase Maker 5? The request parts option is not available. Overall really nice case and quality, but hoping to get better support.
  15. lol molex is old technology, why did you put it in the case? Why not just have a sata cable to power things up?