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  1. I too, would love for better multilayer support and a nicer single-key color fade. If you scroll to the last page, you can read my post about that. I, however, find that my CPU usage never goes above 0.2-0.4% when the masterkeys software is idle, but I have the equalizer and CPU modes disabled. I'm also gonna back you on the SDK though, I think it would be amazing to have these features implemented, since there are many uses I can think of for a fully-customizable keyboard like this.
  2. Just got the keyboard, it works great! (Using it to type this) However, one thing is really bugging me. If I have Cross Mode, or Single Key or many of the other effects enabled, with a background color that isn't black, the colors don't fade smoothly.. For instance, I have a white 'Rest' state, and a blue "Key" state, but when typing, the color won't fade from blue to white, it will fade from blue to black, then jump up to white. This looks really ugly, especially on high-brightness colors and slow speeds. I know it seems trivial, but it makes many of the modes look a bit off. Just an idea In other suggestions, I think a proper 'layer' setting would be nice. The current Multilayer mode seems poorly implemented. A system where two features could properly be mixed would look great, for instance, if users could have a breath of blue on top of single key colors.