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  1. Not to be confused with the Canadian province of Ontario! Whoops
  2. IIRC the .us office is actually in .ca. Anyhooo... since when has Canada been in europe? Moving to the US support section....
  3. The last two images don't work, please upload them to somewhere more reliable so people may beable to help you.
  4. Infinity


    Try it and find out
  5. You shouldn't need to respray it, your consumer rights entitle you to return it to your retailer for an undamaged unit.
  6. I haven't seen anything to support your statement Personally I've not had a Tt product last longer than 3 months without it failing/something falling off/otherwise going wrong.
  7. You have put the little brass standoffs (hexagonal type things, screw hole in one side, screw thread sticking out of the other) on the motherboard tray before screwing your motherboard to it, right? Looking at the picture looks like the motherboard is too low, which makes me think you haven't put the spacers in, in which case the motherboard will be shorting out on the tray, not such a good idea Otherwise, I have no idea. I've not had any problems like that with the 16 wavemasters I've used.
  8. Then in three months time when that has fallen apart you'll go for a stacker?
  9. The HDD LED (small 2 pin connector) connects to your motherboard (check your motherboard manual to find out where), the power LED's (behind the 'thing' on the front - two 4 pin large molex connectors) connect to your power supply.
  10. Connect the two molex connectors that are coming from the front of the case.
  11. The HDD LED is a simple diode, it either works or doesn't work. The motherboard sends power to it, it lights up, the motherboard cuts the power, it goes off. Since you say it lights up then it's obviously working and the problem is your motherboard HDD LED header (Are you sure you have it connected to the correct pins?).
  12. Probably 3 US moderators due to shipping costs
  13. Yeah it does look nice. IIRC they can't call it wavemaster because of some legal reasons (someone else trademarked the name or something).
  14. Indeed. Have you applied anything to the engraved metal to stop it tarnishing?
  15. Yes they are, because the spike pops off when they're fixed. I use them quite frequently for metal work, because even if you do need to remove them in the future it's a few seconds with a drill and they're out.(oh yeah, looks like imageshack have deleted your photos from your first post)