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  1. I set my pump to lower RPM and when CPU temp goes over 55, pump works on full speed (settings in BIOS, CPU i5 4670k @ 4.3GHz and z97a MB). Even with lower RPM high pitch noise was there (but highly reduced), and now, after 8 months I can hear it only when pump is working at high RPM. Not sure if this is going to reduce pump life (and according to CM stuff here at forum, its not, page 24), but I am sure that if I left high pitch noise it would reduce my life, so I made a choice
  2. What happened with this build?
  3. Mine runs at 7.7k rpm when on max (according to bios), and 5.2 when regulated lol I am confused now
  4. 140XL here! Mounted in my modded prehistoric Centurion 532. BTW is it ok for pump to run at full speed all the time or should I enable speed control?