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  1. I recently bought the scout 2 advanced case and I want to use water cooling for the CPU and the product page only shows rear mount single fan water coolers but I want to know if I can use a double fan cooler on the top? is this possible?
  2. I recently bought a scout 2 advanced case and I want to change the red LED light fans out with blue ones. Are there direct replacement fans with blue LED lights? I don't want fans that are lit all the time I want to be able to use the fan light buttons on the case to turn them off and on. Thanks. Oh wait I found these Model # 200025080-GP Blue LED fans on the cooler master store but they seem to be sold out. Wonder if they are going to get more?
  3. I am buying a scout 2 advanced case and I am changing out the fans that come with it because I want blue fans instead of red. My question is I want 5 blue fans 2 in the top, 2 in the side panel and one in the front and just a black fan in the back. I would like to have all 5 blue fans with the lights to be turned off and on via the light button on the case what blue fans should I use? do the fans need two separate wires one for fan power and one for lights? any suggestions are really appreciated.