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  1. thank you very much for that enlightening and easy to understand reply
  2. that's actually a good point, didn't think of that and it's only 10g difference so that could very well be it (yes i know i could just measure it if it was very important to me).
  3. High LOD is way way way too high... the only problems i have left with the mouse now after updating firmware and re-installing the drivers 2-3 times is that when the computer wakes up from sleep 1. sometimes the mouse don't work at all and i have to re-plug it and 2. sometimes the mouse works but the sensor feels broken and then i just have to change DPI press apply then it works but of course i have to reselect the DPI i was using before. #2 is most frequent and it's almost every time, #1 is only occasionally.
  4. Is this a joke, cause it's not very funny... How about proper functioning software? much easier and cheaper than getting a new computer unless you work for CM of course
  5. Hi i have already written about issues with my Xornet2 in another post, i thought updating to firmware v1.03 might help but it made things worse. 1. Launched firmware update tool. 2. Software froze, LED turned off and mouse stopped working completely. 3. Re-plugged the mouse, LED started blinking red, cursor moved when moving the mouse, could not change profiles using mouse buttons, when opening Xornet2 software it said to plug in the Xornet2 to get started (or maybe it said device or mouse or something similar, can't remember exactly) so no options available in software at all. 4. Re-booted. 5. Uninstalled Xornet2 software. 6. Tried updating firmware again, saw red line moving from left to right and the end it said firmware already up to date (didn't see any red line moving when first trying to update). 6. Re-installed Xornet2 software, mouse now works partially. "Wheel click" assigned to mouse wheel no longer works. 7. Tried assigning "wheel click" to right mouse button, it works. 8. Assigned "right click" to right mouse button and assigned "wheel click" to mouse wheel, "wheel click" still doesn't work when assigned to mouse wheel. Can we please get a fix for this abysmal software?! EDIT: The mouse now works, here's what has happen in case anyone cares. Tried re-installing the drivers and booted, at least once i may have done it twice but actually don't remember. During boot, the time between when the desktops shows and until windows has fully loaded background processes, drivers and stuff, i tried clicking bookmarks with the mouse wheel, at first it didn't work, it started working every 2nd click, so though i had to double click and that work for a short time, then it change so the 1st click didn't work, but 2nd and 3rd click worked and then 4th click would not work, etc. and then it stopped working again switched to my Spawn and used that until 5 min before ending my session i tried the Xornet2 again and the mouse wheel worked. The only problem now is that every now and then when the computer wakes up the Xornet2 seem to not be powered, LED is off and it's not working, re-plugging it fixes it. But it works
  6. thanks for bothering to post those pictures. I didn't say specifically that the Xornet2 specs was wrong cause i honestly don't know but when i lift the Xornet2 and then the Spawn, the Spawn feels much lighter, but maybe there's something not right about my Spawn but it absolutely awesome.
  7. When i look at specifications for the Xornet2 and Spawn it says Xornet2 80g (without USB cable) and Spawn 90g (without USB cable), this isn't correct i have both mice and the Spawn is noticeably lighter than the Xornet2 i don't have to weigh them, lifting them is enough to tell the difference and the Spawn i s much lighter. EDIT can't change topic heading but it's suppose read "regarding" not "regaring".
  8. Hi, tried to make a support ticket but it's not working so posting here hoping CM will address the issues or maybe someone knows how to fix the problems i'm having. Below is what i wrote to support. Xornet2 software is dysfunctional Hi. There are problems with Xornet2 software and maybe the mouse also. The problem is when the computer wakes up from sleep it feels like the mouse sensor is broken, the movements are very incremental and not smooth at all and also seems to have dropouts or short duration freezes and sometimes it doesn't work at all. Problem can be solved by going into the software and changing either DPI or LOD and pressing apply then it acts normal again, i'm not sure if just pressing the apply button will work haven't tested that. Today when i got back to the computer and woke it up the mouse wasn't working at all and no lights either and i had to restart the computer. Before restarting i used my old CM Spawn mouse to go into Xornet2 software and i noticed that everything was gone there were no indicators for DPI and LOD, i could reassign them and they would reappear but the mouse wasn't working so i rebooted and the mouse worked again, but i couldn't use right click, i then went into Xornet2 software again to see that all buttons where assigned to left click, i couldn't reassign buttons but clicking reset solved the problem and then i had to reassign DPI and LOD although i pressed reset in buttons assignment section. Other info that might be helpful is that when i first plugged in the Spawn mouse (not Xornet2) the computer froze and i had to reboot since then i haven't had problems until i got my Xornet2 mouse. I have never had these kind of issues with any mouse before and in the past 3 years i have had quite a few mice before getting a CM mouse, a SteelSeries, a Razer, a Logitech, a Zowie, a Corsair and a Turtle Beach mouse. So i'm almost certain that the problem is CM related. I have also reinstalled windows many times in these 3 years so i doubt it is a conflict between drivers or a conflict with windows device management. Xornet2 and Spawn are plugged into USB2 ports. System info: Windows 8.1, 3770 CPU, ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard.