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  1. My problem is not profiles - I have activated profile1 where M1-M5 keys work. But "CM" key is also "reassigned" to be "Win" key and this key doesn't work - that's strange! Moreover - when I played with pressing "CM+1" my profile1... WAS DELETED! Worst software I ever used.... Sometime I start PC and 3 LED are ON - keyboard doesn't work. I put cable to another USB port, 4 seconds wait and... keyboard works! Seems CoolerMaster still cannot write quality drivers even for such simplistic device. I don't need goddamn complex macros, I just need M1-M5 keys to send proper combination - that can be EASY achieved by sending unique scan codes (which can be easy intercepted by AutoHotKey and reassigned). But instead I keep on disk 500MB of cr@p from CM which even doesn't work properly! :)...
  2. After "reset tool" all profiles was reset too and I setup new profile with the same keys. And yes, I tried "CM"+1 (my first profile) - nothing works. Very right now keyboard works fine except only these macros - M1-M5 doesn't work and "CM" key doesn't act as a "Windows key" (who the :) this collermaster to set his own key by default??? It's WINDOWS KEY, don't touch it!). So it's not "connection problem" - it's problem "greedy CEO hires chineese/indian monkeys to write buggy software". And most important is device SDK (or hardware description) is hidden - now I have "partly working" keyboard for enormous money and very negative feeling about coolermaster competency.
  3. I don't see any relation between Computex and your development process, but OK, you delay it enough. Where is SDK? Can I use it to program my "Storm Trigger"?
  4. Nope, I didn't try on another PC. But even if I try, how it helps to make it work on my PC?? I'm not a scientist to "investigate" what Cooler-Master "masters" could break - it's their job for their money. From my side I need normal tool which will diagnose my keyboard and state why it doesn't work. Shortly, problem is: keyboard CAN store macros info (since CMTrigger.exe can load it and show), but when I press keys (M1-M5, "CM key"), nothing happen. And this serious bug happen after I used "reset tool". So return please my original firmware and make my keys work.
  5. Hi! Can anyone help me with fixing SUBJ keyboard, please? History: Keyboard was bought in 2013 and worked well. Last 6 months problem started: after boot to Win7(x64) keyboard doesn't work (not recognized by Windows), but NUM/CAPS/SCROLL lights are ON (guess what it means??). After a few plugs in/out of USB cable, keyboard loads properly. Last week problem become worse - once you move keyboard, it looses power and again lights with NUM/CAPS/SCROLL. I thought it's a problem with firmware (forum has mentions of that) and run their "reset tool" (it updates firmware). It didn't help and I tried to change cable. It's worth to mention standard cable is rigid and for :) knows reason it is covered with some kind of fabric - I'm not surprised so cheap-china quality works only 3 years. Well, new cable worked, but... my macro keys (M1-M5) stopped working AT ALL - I did run CM configuration tool (worst and clumsy tool I ever seen), setup all keys, closed tool (it shows counter during uploading config to the keyboard) and again same story - M1-M5 doesn't work. I never thought so simplistic device can be so buggy to manage (BTW config tool takes 100MB!!!). So now... how I can know firmware is working? It's version? Where to find the problem? Keyboard is already out of warranty, so any advices including break keyboard by hammer are OK. PS Does anybody need their "10 million key hits" if keyboard doesn't live even 3 years??