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  1. FINALS photos so evil so lovely.... a very special trank sto my sponsors INNO3D, SEASONIC, CRUCIAL, ASROCK, DEEPCOOL. HWLEGEND FORUM
  2. now is time to assembling setting RAM and GPU RGB .. shoting time..
  3. I first fixed the upper frame of the legs and used the holes already present in the case and their screws, in the lower frame I put a LED screen I made other holes to pass the 12v electrical cases, and then I fixed the small acrylic panels in acrylic and at the end the piece of the aluminum frame at the base where I placed the LEDs, the work was really hard and it took me 2 days to make them but it was worth it the effect I really like.
  4. another change not decided at the beginning, I decided to change the feet by removing the original handles and making LED feet, they are basically small boxes with an aluminum frame with strips inside them I have no mechanical means all the work is done by hand, and I take the measurements little by little to make mistakes.
  5. I proceed with another, the LED pan for the ssd use of the adhesive to stick together the 2 pieces of acrylic
  6. this is a perfect ITALIAN job!!
  7. this case there is no liquid system AIO I have to modify the case, the grids would greatly limit the flow of air, I prefer to open it.
  8. comes the most boring part .... place all the leds strips, the cables must not be seen below, so I will make them pass under hard work but the final effect will be beautiful.