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  1. Hi Mohd, Darn! That's a shame... I'll have to look for an alternative of the right height in that case. I appreciate your time and bringing my attention to the dimensions!
  2. Hi, I bought my CoolerMaster Centurion 5 II about 3+ years back and it's never let me down; except for recently it appears to be getting a little tired! My northbridge chip on my motherboard is reaching some rather extreme temperatures during gaming and causes my machine to shut down at times. So I've been looking into getting a more heavy duty cooler as the one I have was merely stock standard 3 years back. The V8 GTS looks like a thing of beauty, however, I just wanted to find out if this would fit in the Centurion 5 II with no issues; I have no major additions to the chassis, just 2x 8GB RAM cards & a Graphics card on the lowest slot. Apologies if this is a silly question, I did read that it "fit most CoolerMaster chassis", but I just wanted to be sure! Many thanks in advance.