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  1. WD EXO This build is a personal project that was designed to fit my components while keeping size to a minimum. Instagram @WillyDijo for my next scratch build progression. Details The entire case is made out of 3mm and 5mm thick aluminium. The systems dimensions are approximately 440mmH x 440mmL x 170mmW (155mm internal width). Orange is my favourite colour so it only made sense to have this orange themed. I really like having the motherboard rotated this way, it eliminates any GPU sag as well as gets a nice look at your expensive GPU without potential dust settling on it like the upside-down ATX configuration. This orientation is also the most optimal for the GPU's temperature, because the GTX 690 exhausts equal heat out both ends and there are no conflicting air paths. The cases construction took roughly a month to complete. every modification in this case was done with hand tools, only machine being drill press. Hardware Specs Intel i5 4690k MSI B85 G43 Gaming GTX 690 16GB Hyper X RAM Corsair H100i GTX Cooler EVGA 750W G2 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD Progression ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.2mm holes for a m5 thread 6mm holes for the corner braces happy with the fit The case is coloured the same as my car, Orange being my favourite colour. HDD brace Mocked up. Front intake fan mount Rear 240mm radiator mount. This is a space efficient design, although anything looks minimal beside the 900D. Love the look of the ThermalTake RGB Riing fans, best part is they can be turned off. the motherboard is mounted directly to the vertical bars via 12mm standoffs system test fitted before painting 3mm clear acrylic side panels cut to shape the whole system disassembled for painting not ideal for painting but it worked better than expected Cable sleeving is a tedious task But the results make it worth it Final result