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  1. Hello, I have had my MasterKeys Pro S for about a week now.. and I can honestly say I love it. The overall feel is solid and the switches especially those with stabilizers (Spacebar), on other keyboards they would rattle and feel horrible when pressing although I don't get that with this keyboard which is great! Although the only downside to this keyboard I have found is the lighting, when using certain modes the LEDs would switch off and back on as others have been talking about since the keyboard was released. I have tried using the MultiLayer feature with Star effect and raindrop although when both are enabled the keyboard doesn't seem to react, it just is black. Aside all this, I was wondering if I were to replace the keycaps on this keyboard to maybe white keycaps... do they need to be specific sizes or? If so may someone link me to a website where I can purchase these. Thank you in advance, hopefully the lighting fix is undergoing. Jayme
  2. Great... I would have thought they'd be more responsive/helpful, but nope. I guess I'll have to wait it out, I don't know whether I should order a keyboard from elsewhere or wait till they reply and/or send out my keyboard finally...
  3. I am honestly surprised you had a reply from them. My order has been on "Awaiting shipment" for the past 3 days now, I have emailed and even called them and no response numerous amounts of times. I have checked the website currently and to see that the keyboard I ordered MasterKeys Pro S in MX Red has now been removed from their EU store which means they no longer have stock or it was mistakenly uploaded. I have requested a refund through email so I am able to purchase the keyboard elsewhere but it doesn't seem to me they're very responsive when it comes to contacting them.
  4. Hoping to get my MasterKeys Pro S in MX Red soon... It's been marked as "Awaiting Shipment..." for the past 2-3 days so I am hoping it's already been sent although not yet updated. Will report here once I receive my keyboard to see if I have any of the following problems others have stated previously. Jayme
  5. Hey, I purchased the MasterKeys Pro S in MX Red yesterday, hoping it to be delivered in the next few days! (From the EU store) Do all MasterKeys keyboards have these problems... or only the S model?
  6. Hey, I do live in uk although I can't seem to find either model in MX Red, I have checked the EU store although it only says Pre-order only also if there are any problems with the keyboard it would be much more difficult returning it to you than to somewhere closer to me such as Amazon. Would you be able to check if stock is available in either the L or S model in MX Red for me? Thank you
  7. Hey, Is there any updated info regarding the release dates of the MasterKeys series L and S in MX Red and MX Blue switches in US-Layout? I am wanting to purchase both boards although neither of them are available in stores online eg: Amazon, Scan. Thank you in advance, Jayme
  8. Hey, I received my MasterKeys Pro L in MX Browns the other day although I had to return it sadly due to the Spacebar being unresponsive at times and also extremely loud. Apart from the Spacebar issue... the keyboard was very clean/minimal with a strong build quality. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone wanting to buy a RGB mechanical keyboard, I am personally going to wait till the MX Blue version is released (hopefully soon) Jayme
  9. I know it's really odd, I have checked the EU website weekly since realease and the mx reds still aren't available.I had a pre-order on Amazon before the release and a few weeks later my order was cancelled and they were removed from Amazon even though the other layouts etc stayed. If you've had mx Browns before, I'd go for them. I highly doubt the Reds will be around soon.
  10. I don't believe there is, I have been looking at purchasing an mx red pro S and L versions in the UK since release. I have gave up looking and purchased myself a mx brown switch of the pro L which will arrive tomorrow
  11. Do you know when you'll be selling the MasterKeys Pro S in Red Switches? I have checked everywhere online and no-one seems to be selling it, I have checked your website and it isn't even listed. I had a pre-order on Amazon UK although they've now removed the product from their website, which doesn't seem a good sign. I am hoping you'll have stock soon, I have had my pre-order placed since release and have not heard anything more regarding release/availability. Thanks in advance, Jayme
  12. Do you know when the masterkeys pro s in mx red will be available on your website?
  13. Where did you purchase the Pro L in MX Reds?
  14. Anywhere to buy an MasterKeys Pro S in MX Red 'US Layout' ??
  15. Thank you for the information, MX Red is the switch type I've been searching for, for weeks! Do you know if Amazon UK or Scan etc..will be getting the MX Red type anytime soon? I am able to purchase the MX Brown switches everywhere although I can't seem to find MX Reds anywhere