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  1. So a little intro. Im bits and I'm currently working as a computer assembler for PBTech here in New Zealand. I have built countless watercooling systems (hi-res photos of some past builds here: but this is the first time I have tried doing anything resembling case-modding, so every step is a learning process for me! This mod idea came about as I have always wanted a case with a straight-through airflow design with radiator/fan mounts on either side of the case(think of a tunnel with a push/pull fan on each side), as I believe this design would enable the absolute best in cooling performance and watercooling potential. This is achieved in this mod by combining parts from 2(!) Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 5 cases. The exterior panels from both cases are combined to make an almost mirror-symmetrical design (which is where the projects name comes from) while the interior is completely custom designed and made. Special thanks to my one and only sponsor: PB Tech! List of some of the mods include: - Straight-through push/pull airflow design with radiator/fan mounts on either side of the case - 90° rotated M-atx motherboard mounting - Custom perspex interior and PSU cover to enable a Lightbox-style interior - Dual-loop watercooling with individual 360mm radiators and resorvoirs for each loop and hard-tubing - 3D Printed motherboard accent parts for ASUS Maximus VIII Gene board. - 3D Printed cable shrouds to hide all cables - 3D Printed logos and Case Mod 2016 plaque Solidworks drawings for concepts, sizing and 3D printed parts: Worklog: After de-riveting everything, started to dremel off any metal that got in the way of making the front panel fit on the front more dremeling it fits! shaving off some metal for a flush fit for the perspex re-cy-cling? test fitting with cardboard it fits! protip: heat your perspex before tapping screw mounts test fit with scrap perspex first print of the project lookin good 3D printing is eas.. ugh bending perspex with just a heatgun it fits! (after some dremeling...) please insert girder: idontknowwhatimdoing before ? after! 3D printing of the Commemorative plaque (had to print most of my parts in 2 due to the printers tiny printbed) <3 plastidip ThatPeelingFeeling art progress i herd u liek LEDs i like this pod thing 3D printed some cable tie mounts (most of them broke) MORE POWER piece d resistance Fuelled by V™. (yes this drink is real and no im not dead) 50+ fittings were used in this fricken build (my fingers still hurt to this day) this took longer than i care to admit hey it works time for photos