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  1. Any updates on whether the Masterkeys Pro L Brown ANSI international / US layout will be available at the end of may as it was told?
  2. So at least a month before I can find a Brown Pro L US version ?
  3. It happens . I have asked for refund as I am trying to find a US layout here in the UK (the one I had was UK layout and personally it's a bit annoying to have a short left shift key and then a vertical bar then the Z key). As for the macros, yeah it would be super awesome to be able to even script with C++ (which I believe I saw on one of the product pages? maybe it's just lighting features). My main and only concern now is just the macro delay recording (like the Ducky Shine 5). F.E : I record on numpad7 : "Hello World" . I don't want it to record my keypress delay I just want the message to appear instantly (close to 0 delay). That's the only thing. I have looked for months for kind of an "xkeys" alternative in europe and I found it hard to find something okay with onboard memory and hardware macros (or at least software programming and hardware macro save). Although the lighting stuff is super cool for me the only reason I would buy it is onboard macro profiles (cannot install software at work and change workstations all the time). Cheers EDIT: Anywhere in the UK / EU I can find the US layout for Masterkeys Pro L? I have decided to get this over the Ducky Shine 5 because of the better lighting quality and with the hopes there would be updated macro capabilities in the near future (fingers crossed)
  4. Got the masterkeys pro L yesterday, unfortunately I have to return them as the left shift key is completely dead. As for on-the-fly-macros , are you planning on developing just a little the macro side , software wise? As in, at least editing and some basic functions to set up with the software? Because for now I cannot see a way to record a macro and tell it to be executed instantly (without the typing delay from when the macro was recorded, as it kind of beats the purpose of macros)? Cheers