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  1. Sorry about the delay folks... been having issues getting into the forums to post but all appears fixed now. so a quick recap, main case is done, motherboard is done... reservoir... done.. well kinda.. stay tuned as there's some changes... now we have a lot to cover in this update as the rig is now completed so im going to quickly nail through whats been done, whats been changed and where things are at... in my last update i mentioned i was modding some peripherals to match the theme. below are the before and afters Cooler Master Xornet II Before: After: Cooler Master Quickfire XTI Before: After: Microsoft Xbox 360 controller (PC Edition) Before: whoops no image but i dare say you know what it looks like After: Logitech G220 Headset Before: Ahhhh i see i was too eager to start modding as usual.... After: Well now that's out of the way... back to the case mod... So the original plan was some sweet solid copper lines... now in Australia the industry standards are 12.7mm instead of 12.0mm this makes getting the correct materials a challenge. so i opted for something a little different, those that know me know i dont normally use AIO systems, i prefer loops that can be maintained... but after seeing this particular unit and the potential for the build i couldnt say no. so i had ordered the aio and an extra fan for the rear of the case and then pulled them down to make them suit, the idea was to extend the loop to allow for maintenance and better styling... before pull down and theme: and after: Now i had to redo the side shroud and decided to go for the one piece as originally planned... i then realised i needed something to cover the lower deck and outer lower section, the mid deck is made up of wrapped foam board and the side is a cut down panel a added a perspex panel on the front section that will eventually have the main contributing manufacturer logos on it (Coolermaster, Asus, ID-Cooling & Kingston) Boy this wasn't fun... the psu i was using wasn't modular, so having individual pass through's and sleeved cables running through was a challenge as it all had to be done while semi assembled... the final product all installed... after some debating and testing, and finally looking at my layout options i decided to add a second rad and a third decrete inline pump hidden in front below the radiator... Guess ill need a few more fans, so i acquired some 120mm thermaltake riings to give the front some light seems the interior was going to have a bit before and after its alive, minus a few little tweaks i had made... and that is basically it.. i did build a desk to fit the theme better but as its not really a pc mod so its only shown partially in the final pics... (UPDATE) there are a small list of changes coming but these are out side of the competition and more just personal tweaks. - adding a second 390 to the loop (cards here just need to get psu and sleeving supplies as i've run out) - new ID COOLING CF 120mm fans being installed. -re doing shrouds for new sleeving and added gpu i hope you've all enjoyed the build and like the finished product, updated pics will be on my facebook page once the extra parts arrive Cheers, Ian Duncanson. https://www.facebook.com/ianduncansoncomputermods
  2. Welcome back i promised i wouldn't be long between updates and i don't wish to disappoint. So on with the show... first ill get the snags out of the way.... 1. Delay on the keyboard... the Quickfire XT RGB with Brown Keys i ordered are about 5 days off being shipped so that will be one of the final parts to complete 2. the cable extension wire arrived today and its a thinner guage than i can safely use... so have to find a new supplier..... So now that's over and your aware of whats occuring.... i started by stripping the components i'm using from my last build out of the tesseract... I then wrapped the SSD Dissassembeld the mobo for paint and vinyl works Wrapped the chipset cooler cover Removed the GPU PCIE bracket... And sprayed both it and the mobo's shield and cover panel. I then waited till the parts tacked off enough so i could age them... Once dried with the assistance of my heat gun and a few lamps i then reinstalled And decided it was time to install in the case till everything else arrived... Now please remember the following pics wont be like the finished product i am in the process of ordering a new PSU for the finished build as well as the rest of the things i have left to do... the components are my own personal parts so this is the pc i use daily (ironically im using it right now ) So some fitment pics because i like teasing you all. So that's today's progress nailed down.. i cant promise an update tomorrow due to work etc but i will try to have a little something for you all by the end of the weekend
  3. -Introduction- Welcome to my latest project, the steampunk mastercase, for those that don't know me my name is Ian Duncanson, im a 27 year old modder from Melbourne Australia, i have been modding on and off for the last few years. and am also active in a lot of the social media pages on facebook. well enough about me and onto the build... the concept here is simple turn this beautiful case into something that looks like its from the turn of the century (19th-20th) for you youngins.... steampunk as the name suggests derives from the early days where to power anything you needed water and fire and some basic witchcraft enured... for those that have read jules verne will understand... those that havent.. google and pintrest are your friends have fun.... -The Build- So on to the actual build.. ill list the specs in a moment most of the parts i already have but the gpu i purchased same day as the case so it made a guest appearance in a few pics... -MOBO- ASUS Z170AR -CPU- INTEL I5 6600K -RAM- KINGSTON HYPERX 2133MHZ DDR - 4X4GB KIT -SSD- KINGSTON V300 120GB -HDD (S)- WD GREEN 1 TB / WD 1TB SSHD -GPU- ASUS STRIX R9 390 8GB DCUIII -PSU- SILVERSTONE 700WATT -CASE- COOLER MASTER MASTER CASE 5 -WATERCOOLING- CUSTOM LOOP - MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON So there's the components, now to the modding... to start i stripped the case as the above pic shows. i then prepped the parts for either paint or vinyl depending on which. i used the following paints and vinyls to get the desired effects. Rustoleum forged hammered (burnished amber) rustoleum (gloss black) dy mark enamel (metalic rust) cherry rosewood vinyl from an ebay store i found this stuff looks amazing. Here's the first batch.. top panel front panel and front lower main grille panels followed by the psu mounts and top 2 front grille panels Main chassis and front bezel note its masked up so only some of it is painted. the feet of the case and ssd mounts, hard drive bays and pci shields (first coat pre ageing) i had to wrap the sides twice because i ballsed it up first time around... as you may be able to see the very top is exposed on the front edge. reassembled and ready for the fun to begin. so now i was ready to start planning water cooling styles and how id make the loop tie in...after seeing this little beauty on pintrest... i had my eureka moment. so off to work i went... i made a shroud for the space that the departing 5 1/2 bay and relocated 3 1/2 bay made measured and drilled the mount holes for the pump. its a wrap... geddit... and planned what to do to make the pump not look so out of place... lets face it it big black and frankly F*****G ugly so i wrapped the top and sprayed the bottom... we have a pump that fits the theme now.... but what to do with the res.... now this is almost the end of this stage as the res is still unfinished... now im a scrounger and a tight :) at heart... i could have gone out brought new material and fabbed it all myself out of real copper parts and brass etc... but stuff that... i like making something from nothing... so with an auspost mail tube 2 caps and and old top panel grille from an old case.... i made this ugly looking thing... well ugly for now.... ^before AFTER PAINT.... i must say i love how it came together. well friends that is as far as this journey has come so far... please tune in or sub for more in coming weeks... hopefully an announcement or 2 to make things really interesting...